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Art Tips Please


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- Just keep practicing for one thing, as cliché as that sounds.- Don't be afraid to draw things you aren't familiar with (hands and feet are common for lots of people), you need to make lots of mistakes so you can understand how things work.- If you want references, stock images are good for that. Deviantart has a decent selection of these.- For getting more familiar with humans, there's This Link.- If getting really angered with a drawing, take a break from it, maybe start up another drawing to get your mind off of your frustration. The only downside is that there's the possibility of having a bunch of pics being incomplete for a long time, which can be a double edged sword in that you may get anxious about the growing pile of incomplete works.And most importantly...- Have fun, the last thing you want to do is have making art become a chore.Hope you enjoy your new tablet! :)

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