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Charlie's Reign (and her impact on the world). Important!

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EuedeAdodooedoe    1187

So... it has actively been a problem that newbies who join are often left with no resources to pick nearby. Well... I don't want to sound like I'm in a theater, presenting people the most magnifiscent thing they have ever seen, but it might just be that :p

Upon Wilson and Maxwell building the Jury Rigged Portal, Charlie takes action and perfects the portal, creating it into a Florid Postern. During this time, some other characters are being teleported to the world. And as we know, things aren't going to be the same with Charlie on the throne (and because this is multiplayer >_>). Am I suggesting to make it so that when the first player joins, the portal is Jury Rigged Portal and then has plays an animation of it turning into a Florid Postern and perhaps Charlie smiling popping up above the portal for a few moments? That would be pretty cool... but no. What I am suggesting, however is this:

Upon the world generating (or it happening once the first player joins, which would just make us "wow" about it the first time we see it), the turf around the portal would be not grass turf, but thorny turf (perhaps have the same general shape as the previous grass patch at spawn point, only scaled up, like 3 times or so). This would be a rocky turf texture, re-textured to have thorns in its cracks as well. This turf could not be dug up with a pitch fork, would act similarly to the scaled flooring in terms of affecting how things combust and on it, it would not be possible to place down any structures on it and if anyone died on it, the skeletons would be grabbed by thorns spawning at the skeleton's location and dragging it into the ground. Anything dropped on the ground on this turf would despawn after a day of it not being picked and an animation, similar to the one of Shadow Puppets despawning would be played (and the sound along with it). On this turf would grow special types of grass, saplings, trees, special plants that grow leafy meat on them (and special types of flowers. Perhaps roses could be added for this instead of what they are for now?), which look like thorns from below/from one angle, but look perfectly fine from above/a different angle. These special types of resources:

* would not not be subject to combustion

* would not be possible to dig up, either by player or any other mob

* would not wither in summer

* would regrow in another place near the portal on the special turf as soon as they get burnt (whether it's in a regrown state or not would depend on whether the plant that got burnt had regrown or not)

* would only regrow once somebody joins in or resurrects with the Florid Postern

* may be have a chance to deal 1 damage to the player after being picked/chopped down

Also, the Florid Postern's light would regulate the player's temperature, based on how cold/hot they are if the player is day 3 and for the first 3 days of them resurrecting via the Florid Postern (this too could be implemented for Night Lights as well, to make them a firepit variant for surviving Summer/Winter ;), but whilst the thing is fueled, of course and NOT just for those who are day 3 or for 3 days of those who have just rezzed via the portal). Also, perhaps around the turf could be pillars similar to these:



Although with a visual design representing the ones that make up the Florid Postern:



These pillars would not be possible to mine or destroy and there would be about 4 of them on the special turf, covering the spots around the turf. With them giving off light and regulating the temperature, but only for the players who are day 3 or lower and in Endless mode for 3 days for those who have resurrected with the Florid Postern.

And one last thing is that books could not be read on this turf, spider nests could not be placed down on it (spider queens would not place down as tier 1 nest on the turf), the pillars or the portal would also act like a lightning rod and any hostile creature passing by on this turf would not aggroe to any player that is day 3 or lower and for 3 days in Endless mode if you have resurrected via the Florid Postern (but only on this turf).


So, what does everybody think of these suggestions? I've tried to include as much things as possible so as to not make this an exploit/disclude any highly problematic things that might still arise (then again, if this gets implemented, things can still get tweaked, right?). So, what do you guys think of these suggestions? I picture Charlie being extra-nice to those recently joining, but extra-harsh on those who have survived long enough :devilish:

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Scoobie101    577

Hmm, a new turf with special mechanics? I kinda like this idea... Although I think everything put together would look kinda weird. Thorny grey rocky turf and white pillars with roses scattered about? I think I'd have to see some kinda concept art of everything in the mixing bowl before I entirely approve, but it sounds like a cool concept.

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