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  1. If the baby animals are implemented via a breeding system, getting a baby Ewecus is gonna be a pain in the butt. You would need to find not one Ewecus, but TWO. It'd be so much work, but it'd so be worth it because babies.
  2. They could just tweak it a bit so PK tosses the gold in a separate direction from the candy, that way when you guys are obsessing over something as worthless as gold, I can swim in a pile of CANDY! :3
  3. It's cute and all, but you're gonna get it dirty leavin' it on the ground like that. tsk tsk Also, "Featuring a removable voice box that plays crabbit gurgle sounds that are pulled from the game's audio", this is the best idea ever. Someone needs a promotion.
  4. That crab backpack is quite possibly the cutest backpack yet! I would gladly sacrifice children buy a crabbit plushie for one.
  5. They usually don't announce new skins, it's always a happy little surprise to find something completely new in your gift and not a pleated shirt :3
  6. This just in: I've discovered a new cute animal at the state fair today! It's called a Sugar Glider! They like to hide in people's pockets, one tried to crawl up my sleeve :3
  7. I played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on my Gamecube, and have I think 3? 3 different Gameboy games with Tiny Chao Gardens. (I didn't have the honor of being born when Dreamcasts were relevant ;-;) I also have Sonic Adventure DX on Steam cause the cuteness must live on! Chao Gardens truly are the one thing SEGA nailed on the head back in the days when sonic games didn't have... this... Aaaanyway, here's a cute bunny and baby chicken cause this thread could EASILY be derailed with Chao discussion/stories
  8. The Sonic Adventure games are on steam if you need a shot of nostalgia Here's a few more cause they're soooo CUTE!
  9. Okay, I know SOMEONE out there grew up with these adorable guys too <3
  10. OR
  11. No, THIS thread is too cute!
  12. Does this count as a cute animal? It's kinda my trademark.