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Grave Items

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Theres different types but even when you get one of the same you have already in your inventory it doesn't stack with it. I've had to leave it go back to camp use it in my science machine and then go back for the same item i just used.

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hmm pass. TOASTER FUUorKEVVINNNNNthey might knowHeh.I think it might just be because they are new in the game and may have a few bugs left in them. Why dont you report it in the bug thread and see if they have plans on fixing it. ^_^

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Just found something interesting, the amulet you get from graves can't be given to the pig king, and it has a defferent massage when you examine it then the rest of the grave stuff AND you can stack it.

I have noticed this also... Maybe later it will be used as something special? Bc when it is put into the science machine it has the same research points as the others (20) But as for right now, i have found it does nothing. ):
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