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Wolfgang's wanderings- The Diary of a strong Man


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Wolfgang’s Wanderings (A diary on how to get a good start and set up in the game)

DAY one.

“Say Pal, you don’t look so good.

You better find something to eat before nightfall”

Tall, thin willow of a man. Nothing like myself. I am Wolfgang. Stout and hardy. A man’s man with my muscles and perfect mustache. Have you ever seen a better image of manhood? I thought not.

Abandoned to the wilds my first glimpses of this world are to the sound of twitch footfalls. These rabbit like things, I shall defeat them in time!

First I need to make myself something to worth with. I have only my two very large and capable hands.

I look around and I see more of these rabbit things. I see grass and small saplings. I pull at them and find a carrot. I shall have THAT thank you.

There are several boulders but nothing a more manageable size. I explore some more. Seeing with my eyes something looking rather like a large spiders nest. I am not afraid of it! Still I shall move on.

Some berries. I shall have that too thank you.

At last some small flinty pieces of rock. I find one but one shall not do. Ah another. I shall have him too. Now that I have some of these what to make? An axe so I might fall these trees? No I shall make use of those boulders! A Pick axe. I shall carve my axe from these rocks!

After my labour I have an axe beyond compare. Made of fine gold for my use and delight. I do take to those trees now. They are DEFEATED by my mighty strength and abilities.

That is these shadows? They grow longer. Hmm. I must see in this night. Who knows what lingers in the darkness?

A CAMPfire shall do nicely. Circled in stone and fed with pinecones I have gathered.

AN ENEMY! I see one of those dasterly spiders. I shall strike him down and feast on his flesh!

A strike with my axe and I have him…. Hmm lets cook the remains and now FEAST

I see spots of light. What a fortunate camp I have made. To have natural lights. Two of them in clusters of fireflies.

Still I need protection I think. I have seen the enemy and I will not fall to him. Yes I shall make a suit. Some armour against those spiders.

Hmm I need more grass. There is some in reach of my light. I shall gather it into ropes and then bind these logs to my body to protect me!

Labour done I have a lovely suit and my axe! Still they will not feed me. That one spider was not enough for a mans man like me! I am a true man! I shall eat my carrot!... and try those berries… Ahh not soo bad after all. What is that on the ground? Hmm seeds. Right down the hatch. Oh and more of them. Those shall go down too.

And I see dawn already starts to creep at the horizon.

Another day for a MAN with his Moustache

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DAY- TWO A Man's world.

I was right! Ha Dawn is here!

I shall set out to explore my new world. I shall conquer it all!

Another bolder. Ha my friend. It is Hard. HARD like ME

Hmm another spider nest. I shall do battle another day! Wolfgang fears NO spiders!

ahh the sea! I have the ocean, vast and mighty just like Wolfgang... like ME.

I shall follow this coast and scope my new domain.

More grass, saplings and carrots shall be mine as well as these flinty stones! I shall make from these my weapons and tools.

I am not afraid of this labour. I am a man and a man relishes his days labour!

Ah a path that leads off and away from this land. No.. I am not ready for this today. Today I am mastering THIS land.

I see these rabbits.

I shall have you Soon. I shall trap and eat you jumping flesh!

Ah another day is closing. I have circled my land! drawn a map to guide me. Just as well. I want my camp fire.

I shall pass the night by its light and sharpen my AXE.

Fell a tree- I HAVE prevailed.

SPIDER! How dare you intrude. AH I have you now. TAKE THAT and THAT. Ha With a swing of my axe you are my dinner!

ANOTHER?! I shall eat well tonight! AH come here! I have felled you!

Delicious! And a carrot on top.

I shall craft now with my Manly hands for what else are a man's hands for but making the world his own!?

A trap! I shall feast on you jumping Creatures! I shall!

Another day BEGINS!

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DAY THREE- The gauntlet is thrown downI eat my spiders meat as the dawn breaks.Now I shall explore the heart of my islandI shall know its secrets. I know it to be an island now!More flinty rocks. More carrots.I am a man and men deserve MEATI shall make another trap and lay it down.Ha Ha Ha Tree is FLOPPY!I stole its branches for my trap.Hmm these spiders. I have had enough. I shall ATTACK them. Their nest. Let me show them the strength of a MAN.Well… 6 spiders dead and half my armour dented away. I am victorious because I am MANI shall also try to kill rabbits without a trap. I shall stand on his hole and then attack him!SMACK Ha. I have two of them!Oh night does fall. I shall cook this meat and feast well tonight…What is that! A spider?! You fiend. It is time to die,GO FOR THE EYES!!!I have felled him.I see his three brothers come to avenge him. I stand fast! I shall defeat you!Another comes from below and then another from the side.There is another following the other from below as I have felled three of them, and again a pair from the side. !!!I Shall NOT fall! Not here! Not tonight! I shall fight you ALL to the DEATH!!ROAR!!……I saw one more spider before dawn. I saw him but he did not see me.I have a mere 1% of my armour and half my fine golden axe but I fought all night and I slayed them all.I am a WOLFGANG!!

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Day 4- Attack and Counter Attack


Clearly these spiders need to be taught a lesson. I shall attack them at home. I made new armor to take with me.

I call them out! Ha here come 4 of them! 4… ooo ow my old armour is gone. Ahhh they are hurting me.

I am a Man… The pain! These beasts… No! I am a man of my own destiny. Strong and proud…

HA! New armour is ON. That’s right.! I turn on them and kill them all and poke that nest again. Another two pour out and I dispatch them and then their foul lair with them!

I must scarf down some berries and meat to try and get my strength back. I am hurt but I will not give up! I attack the OTHER nest and again another 4 and then another two and then VICTORY.


Now I meat some meat that doesn’t taste so foul.

Hmm I caught a rabbit. Excellent and ambushed another. I shall eat well.

First though.

With my prize… I will have a new hat! A fine hat! A TOP hat! Yes perfect. I like it.

Now These pine cones. I tire of walking back to the woods to cut new trees. Lets plant some near for me to cut and use.

Oh another two spiders as night falls. Did they not get the memo!

I shall have YOUR nest in the morning FIENDS!

Wolfgang- Spider Vanquisher.

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Day 5- Heart breaker.

I shall hunt those spiders I found last night.

Yes I have their direction. I must track them. I head down. Ahead I see it. The foul temple to arachnid dominance in this land.

Well I WOLFGANG will NOT be dominated!


4 spiders rush out and I swing my gleaming golden mighty axe at them. Spider meets metal. Fangs against wood. Oh.. Oh.. my armour it is broken.. ahh my side.

NO! I will attack! I must… I shall retreat.. they break apart and loose ranks.! I ATTACK. Ha! Only 3 now! Again I attack one. Now there are but two of them. One stings in harsh and I cut him down. Ohhhh but only 2 health left. No I must limp away from him. I can not let him have my life! I shall avenge my beautiful leg you fiends!

I must eat. Eat to heal. Heal to take revenge. I scarf all the morsels I have. It is not enough. I eat the berries. I must make new armor. I will battle today. I will not let them win.

I roam the landscape. A bloodied and determined warrior Man. I shall have revenge. I swear it as I pull grass with my bloodied and torn hands. Chew what food I can find. I rub fingers raw making rope. I shall take them down. I swear it!

I hit trees and fell them to pull logs free of the tangled remains and shape them to my will. The determined will of one man. Wolfgang. Man of the wild. My will is unbroken!

I make new suit and take this and my fine hat. With my golden axe and once more into the breach I go!

3 spiders rise and I roar at them and they at me. I will not loose. I can not afford to. Not out here alone. I swing the axe as they scramble against me. They are fallen. I rip their nest apart and limp back to camp as night falls. I must get more food. I munch on seeds, even on flowers themselves. I will gain my strength back and my throne of this island.

Wolfgang rules here. By blood. By might. Be strength.

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Days 6-11- Strongman's apprentice (And the first third personage)

I have been busy. I forgot to write. Thought seems pointless to write when no one is to read. Still those who might come after me may wish to know. How a mighty man such as myself survived and didn’t stave in these hostile places.

I spent my 6th day on this island crafting wood and traps thought seems odd that I bothered now. More on that later.

The 7th day was spent getting more grass and logs. I am preparing myself. I craft the logs into planks of wood. I feels good to work it into a shape. To put my strength and sweat and get such refined materials back out!.

On the 8th day Wolfgang set out. I headed off the island after spending my first night sleeping on a grass mat I made. In my slumbers My untold strength must have rended it apart for by morning it was of no more use to me. Wolfgan gathered two traps and headed off my island. It was time for the bigger world to meet me. Wolfgang. The brave and noble.

Heading outwards to the new island it was closer than I had thought. I found rocks upon it and with my pick axe carved rock and gold from it. These I made into a finer pick axe to match my gleaming axe. And I wolfgang. Wolfgang I set to pulling these boulders to nothing under my feet! Wolfgang is strong!

Again I slept upon a grass mat.

The 9th day and I found grasslands with vast expanses of flat yellow grass. It spread out under my eyes and feet. My strong legs pounded it as I ran and ran without seeming to find an edge. Then I saw it. For the first time. There it was. Mighty and huge. Two horns arcing into the sky and upon its face two large white eyes stared at me. Shaggy coats and thunderous sounds. This beast mooed at me. As I approached there was dozens of them. A herd. Huge and bellowing. I would have carved one down but so awe was I that I left them be. A peaceful traveler. They have my mercy. TODAY!

Onwards I travelled until I saw the shade of the forest. I sought it at once and then heard another assault on my ears!

Ugly monkey man am I! We shall see!

Oh my what disgusting creatures these fellows are. All pink. Pigs, or some sort of them. They grunt at me and then ask. Do I have meat? Meat? They crave meat. The food of REAL MEN. Wolfgang is merciful. I gave them some of the tough monster meat to see how manly they are. They grunted and then followed me at once. I had two following me now. I set out and found a place in the grasslands and slumbered among the beefalo calls.

The next day was hot and bright. I left off this hot grasslands and returned to the forest. I broke through into a green pasture and found houses. Quaint houses and more of these pig men. Wolfgang has taken it upon myself to train them and make them into real men. I gain two more of them with a wave of meat and then set off again into the woodlands. I find within them bolders and trees but leave them be for now. There is no more food in here. I am disappointed yet I find a path that seems to lead to another island. I saw another of these in the grasslands. There are more islands in this world for me to seek. Still. The hour is late. I need to shelter again. I shall go back to these houses. I turn towards them and lo what do I see! A chill catches on my skin as I see before me this curling mist. Still I am a man. I am a brave man. Wolfgang is never afraid. I set off into it and in its depths there is a grave sitting. I look at it for a moment and carry onwards. It is for another day. Perhaps I shall dig and find bones under there.

Back towards the houses and the landscape changes. I see mud and muck. The stench assaults my nose and I turn aside. What a stink. A stinking foul swamp and within it warty jumping toads. I shall perhaps hunt those later for sport. Still onwards to my new camp fire. I burn it high and bright then build a chest. I shall trap the rabbits here with my bought traps and I shall put things away in my box.

The night comes and with it the foul spiders come from the darkness as I knew they would. I stand ready and then the pigs which had gone from groveling affection to fearful whines about the dark change. From cowards of the shadows they roar hate of the spiders and charge into the darkness and tear them asunder! Just as I thought they were not showing much potential! Ha. Wolfgang has his new army. We shall slay these spiders by night by day!

Day rises and we charge. Into the dawn and to the nest. We rip it apart with barely one spider to raise a fuss. The next nest calls for more battle. One pig falls in battle. He was a brave lad. Wolfgang will miss him. I attack and the pigs snort and we tear them apart. And return to the fires with silk and eggs and meat.

Yes they will eat well tonight. Good little pigs.

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Its all a transcript of my wanderings. I then Wolfgang it up and write it up.at first i was having stop every day to write then i decided that 5 day batches are not a bad thing. Will stretch that to 10 after a while

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Days 12-15 Lost and Found

In the 12th day Wolfgang did go forth. I took my three little pigs and three little pigs who will be men one day! WE struck out and explored the forested lands. Finding rocks. Hard like me! But not as hard as me. I beat them down and stole their goods and moved past something that rumbled like a giants belly. Looking behind me I saw only two of my lads. My pigs. What had become of one? I had no idea he had lost himself in the woods. Still a MAN shall survive these woods!

Onwards and I saw a grave. I made a shovel and plunged it into the earth. It pulled it upwards and suddenly I found a plug. Hardened rubber plug. How odd. I pocketed it

The rumbled land is a swamp and it hisses and a mighty limb burst forth from it and lashed out. I cried out. No little pig. You are not a man enough yet! Still it was too late he was down and dead. I took his little ham and carried it home.

In the night. I cooked and ATE the ham.

Day 13. I ran to the grasslands today. With my lost pig still gone. I have only two pigs in my company. They ran with me as I plucked grass and pulled and hunted rabbits. The pigs are thieves! They stole from me taking away the meat that I am not fast enough to grab up before they scoff it down! Greedy fiends.

In the night I slept again and then headed onwards. Into the forest looking for these graves. I found my missing pig. Then I dug again. A tiny rocket and then some frayed wires. I picked both up and thenheaded back to camp. I chopped the trees down and then decided to build soething. Something mighty! I started with the wood. Starting to shape planks. Then I started to shape rocks into squares. I made a rope but I think need another one.

In the morning I headed out to the grasslands again and started to pull grass and hunt rabbits but the damned pigs they eat and steal it from me. Now the rope I have made it!

At my camp I built my device! The grand creation. I hesitate and put the plug into it. With a whistle and whirl it pinged… How odd. I fed it more of the grave things.

“I’m sorry dead peoples”

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16-20I roamed the lands. Far and wide. I explored the highest of the forests and lowest of the swamps. I found all the islands. Wolfgang from 4 pigs down to one within few days and then to none. The days were long and hard on my legs. Wolfgang is strong. Brave and a man. Wolfgang prevailed! I found bees for the first time and honey.Huge pig bigger than 4 men. Sloth like and unwelcome and I dug a grave to find a friend. I shall call him gnome,He will be a man like I am a man. We are strong men. Wolfgang be strong.Wolfgang mighty.

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I had the strangest day today. All things were strange and odd.I went out into the grasslands with my shovel. My hunger seemed unstated by the carrots. Wolfgang dug hard and deep pulling the grass from the earth.Wolfgang eat carrot but not taking edge of the hunger.I saw butterfly! A BUTTERFLY. FUTTERBY.The berries Wolfgang dug up and kill many rabbits.Try plant all new things in neat rows. Wolfgang frustrated that it did not work.

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This strange new world continues. Even cutting wood sounds different. Wolfgang is unsure. Wolfgang caught butterfly and fed to science machine. Wolfgang dug up tree stumps to get more wood. Wolfgang dug up rabbit. But rabbit too fast to be caught. Wolfgang no like slow farms.

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I have taken up farming. I never have enough grass or manure. I found so far. Durgan, corn and other vegetables. I cook them and eat them.The pigs steal my meat often. This annoys me. I shall have to kill them if they continue.

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