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What is the best *insert thing here* camps, strategies, etc...


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I've basically beaten the game now, all (available) characters unlocked, day 447, tons upon tons of pig farms and all in between. I haven't really explored some of the exploits that haven't been fixed yet. (like the endless mandrake one :( i miss it)

I have seen some posts of a camp that only the user can get into. Like a fortress so no monsters can get you.

I wanna know what are some of the best camps out there or some of the best strategies for farming other monsters.

Or even some of the lamest, worst, best monsters ;D (I wan't it to be that kind of thread where everything is apprehended and judged... but mostly whats the best :p

I'm thinking of killing myself and starting with a fresh world. Post a screen shot of your camp or how you think what way is the best way to farm anything. So basically what is the best of the absolute BEST!?

I'm sorry if there is a post very similar to this, I didn't feel like searching through the endless sea of possibly dead threads.

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I feel like I'm in the same boat. I have only survived 244 days but there is really no way I can die at this point based on the threats that exist in the game and the fact that I have 7 or 8 meat effigies and the resources to make 7 or 8 more. I just farm pumpkins on 10 turbo farms and I have 3 beehives that produce more honey than I'll ever need. 90% of the biome that I'm in is Savannah so there are lots of beefalo for manure and meat. To avoid burning down my camp(Red Hounds) I placed several pig houses and set up a battlefield on the right side to fight hounds. I have a forest on the left side.



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