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  1. well you pretty much summed up what i was going to say about Wx-78. He is my favorite character by far. I don't want to get too much into it because @Misaki took the words from my mouth. (also i think Wx-78 is in reference to a gundam robot model, Rx-78...)
  2. I really don't know why no one posted something here. I mean, WILSON, man!

  3. Oh my gerd these are amazing, so glad i found this. (thank don't starve homepage) Very nice work, they all seem to bring out the feel of the game. Keep up the great work :Don a second note, i hope you aren't drowning in requests right now but i would love to see your version of wilson riding a beefalo (with a spear in hand) like my portrait. Whether or not you add the beard is your choice it doesn't matter. if you need a better view of the picture let me know. (if you are even care)
  4. WOOOO, FOOTBAAAALL, YEAAAAAHHHH.Tonight we are going up against Maxwell's team.
  5. Yaaaah uum. Sooo. beard hair... day 10.. wut happened?
  6. LET THERE BE ART... since I have no artistic abilities like drawing, painting, coloring, etc... I have decided that I could do something that only requires Don't Starve and a lot of free time. Sorry that it is so small, Klei restrictions...I'd say it was Willow's doing.so basically just post some images, or video, of your don't starve art, action, or what the heck ever you think is nice enough to be submitted. Epic battles and such.I am open to ideas of a reward for the most awesome submission per week. (may include bacon)(Oh, and this proves Wolfgang is indeed mighty)
  7. i wanna see maxwell crafting the world for wilson and he says "hmm, it needs more hounds" or something of the sort.I don't care, just wanna see maxwell plzzz!
  8. so uuuhh. ponies hmm. how. as someone else said something similar. HOW DOES A DARK, TWISTED GAME LIKE DON'T STARVE, STILL CRAWL UP TO THE FRIENDLY, MAGICAL WORLD OF MLP?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! (or vice versa) its like... mixing... two things you shouldn't mix together, because i can't think of anything and really didn't need to comment so i'll go... but for the sake of staying on topicGood drawings i guess, i thought the eyes in the first picture for the wendy were alright...
  9. nearly hundreds, i used "maxwell the demon from mythology"
  10. guys i don't think the devs just pulled the idea of Maxwell out of the blue, and the fact that M upside down is W may be a coincidence or the devs really intended it that way. i googled Maxwell and got some interesting results, Maxwell was a demon in the early 1800's and some other stuff but basically this is what he is:
  11. man... jabberwalky you have such creativity and Zing_of_wind_village that is waaaaaay op and funny, i think i might actually attempt it.
  12. I've basically beaten the game now, all (available) characters unlocked, day 447, tons upon tons of pig farms and all in between. I haven't really explored some of the exploits that haven't been fixed yet. (like the endless mandrake one i miss it) I have seen some posts of a camp that only the user can get into. Like a fortress so no monsters can get you. I wanna know what are some of the best camps out there or some of the best strategies for farming other monsters. Or even some of the lamest, worst, best monsters ;D (I wan't it to be that kind of thread where everything is apprehended and judged... but mostly whats the best I'm thinking of killing myself and starting with a fresh world. Post a screen shot of your camp or how you think what way is the best way to farm anything. So basically what is the best of the absolute BEST!? I'm sorry if there is a post very similar to this, I didn't feel like searching through the endless sea of possibly dead threads.
  13. that is excellent thanks for the info
  14. there is only ooooooone problem. it is very very very rare, in my case, that i see a spider nest close to a jackalope field.