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  1. I suppose I should read/research things more carefully before I start blabbering, apologies... I understand that, however most people who have survived past day 100 would agree that that games difficulty is lacking. Spoilage is a small step towards correcting that, a step that I greatly appreciate don't get me wrong. I simply fear that with the use of the tent and WX's ability's spoilage will have minimal impact.
  2. Update looks great to me. I wish WX didn't have the immunity to spoilage honestly. The game is called "Don't Starve" and I have personally never felt the slightest possibility of starvation, hopefully spoilage fixes that.
  3. Looks great! Food spoilage is definitely needed. Interested to figure out what that eye bone is.
  4. Log suits, Football helmets, and tooth traps. Fight in an open area away from your flammable resources, set up a fire pit where you plan to fight them in case they come at night. I agree with most the posts on this thread about the game not being difficult enough though. You will probably see that too if you start setting up enough tooth traps and put meat next them. This is a beta and we are supposed to be testing things like this. So if you feel like you are surviving with no chance of death, go out and explore your world. Already explored it all? Generate a new one, try to find exploits in the game and then report them. Live as a nomad without a permanent camp and see how long you survive. The developers already know the end game is far too easy, they have already released a little information on how they plan to increase the difficulty.
  5. I would either increase the amount of hair required or slow the growth of hair. I would also limit the number of effigies that can be in the world at any given point to one or two at a time (might make little to no impact really but I'm just a player not an expert after all)
  6. Once you get the hang of the game and have been able to research most of the items the game is undoubtedly too easy. The first few times I played I only survived maybe 30 or 40 days, but then I finally set up a permanent camp with farms on it and now I basically have unlimited food so I never need to leave my camp, 7 meat effigies and resources to make 8 more (only limiting factor being beard growth). Then I learned about pig houses, so I have 8 pig houses that deal with hound attacks for me completely on their own. Currently I cannot see any possible way that I could completely die in the game without actually trying. TL;DR The Game is too easy with meat effigies and farms.
  7. I feel like I'm in the same boat. I have only survived 244 days but there is really no way I can die at this point based on the threats that exist in the game and the fact that I have 7 or 8 meat effigies and the resources to make 7 or 8 more. I just farm pumpkins on 10 turbo farms and I have 3 beehives that produce more honey than I'll ever need. 90% of the biome that I'm in is Savannah so there are lots of beefalo for manure and meat. To avoid burning down my camp(Red Hounds) I placed several pig houses and set up a battlefield on the right side to fight hounds. I have a forest on the left side.
  8. Turf does seem to have some functionality beyond decoration: - Ripping up enough swamp tiles seems to get rid of tentacles in that area (replacing the tiles in a new location will not spawn them back however). - As someone else pointed out on this thread, you cannot plant on certain surfaces so replacing them with plant friendly surfaces could be useful. - Tiles can also be used as fuel and used for research, assuming you don't care about losing them forever.