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I'm here to suggest a couple of things:

[*]A circular on-demand crafting menu.

As shown in the mockup screenshots, the menu would be circular and appear around wherever the player has scroll-clicked on the map (figs. 1 and 3). Hovering (or clicking) over an option would make the suboptions appear around the options (fig. 2). Selecting something to build (that requires placement) would move Wilson to where the circular menu was popped up originally and build it there.

[*]A left-aligned inventory.

Due to the slightly frontal view of the game, there is a rather small area of interaction in the upper and down sections of the screen. This can mean the difference between living another day or meeting Maxwell prematurely when fighting spiders and such. I suggest moving it to the side.

[*]Craftable map = fixed spot.

If the map ever becomes a craftable item, I suggest placing it right where the rest of the "fixed" slots are.

[*]Health and hunger meters.

A simple relocation of them, because why the fancy not.

[*]Research points.

They aren't THAT relevant throughout the game to be right there in the middle in front of everything; take a hike, PAL!


fig. 1


fig. 2


fig. 3

Anyway, just some ideas for everyone to discuss and add to. If anyone want's the Photoshop file with every GUI thing roughly layered, just ask.

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i agree with 2-5 but i dont know about the whole circular crafting thing :/ seems to freaky deaky but i agree with moving a bit of the gui things to make it a bit more spacious and your right a slight movement of a few things can mean life or death at a premature time. i agree just not with the circular crafting grid oOo

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