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Uh, I know this might sound a bit low for you, but does someone mind sending me a download for their Profile that unlocked all the characters(mainly Wolfgang) and all the unlockable recipes? I'm lazy doing it myself. I just die too early in the game. I normally die around Day 10-18 ._.


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If you are having trouble researching things a good tactic is to spawn in a world and create a shovel, dig up as many grass tufts (they are worth 30 science each or so) and try to gather the necessary resources for science machine and research your brains out, as anything you research is crossed between saves.

Its also quite handy if you do a few 'suicide' runs in which you just basically run around the map until you have explored the majority, take a screenshot and then die so when you seriously attempt to survive you have a good map of good settlement locations to refer to.

As for unlocking your characters you would surely appreciate that handsome moustache and that rather sporty striped suit if you knew that you earned it (or you could just search online for some form of trainer or hacker if you really are just that lazy ;))

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