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  1. Ohai there people!I think many of you have been asking theirselves, WHERE the HELL is the image to this secret hint hidden? I mean, it's an awesome drawing that can be a grat wallpaper, but it's just not downloadable... I've read the HTML/CSS code of the website and - long story short - found the picture HERE: FOR THE AWESOME PEOPLE AT KLEI: If you dont want this image to be in public, wich would be darn sad, just delete this thread. If not, youre even more awesome.~Germolin
  2. Thats because the spider nest is in the way of the drop. The player couldnt pick it up properly, if the spider nest was in its way.
  3. They do. Actually you will have to be quick with earning poop, becuase at day 10 beefalos will attack you with no reasons.
  4. Thumbs up for a multiplayer! I think it isn't essential for the game, but it would make it a bit more interesting for newcomers.
  5. Your feedback is appreciated. But you should take a look at how Wilson walks in-game: it's almost like this but with less smooth, thats why it looks like dancing.
  6. We all still hope for some new buildings... (okay, not ALL). I like the update, the over-long crockpot times were annoying.
  7. I will set down the framerate down a bit in the real animation. Thanks for your feedback!
  8. Oh yes, Naipseth, I have moar process for you! https-~~-// My further process I will tell in THIS thread:
  9. ---------------------UPDATE!-------------------- I uploaded a video that shows a bit of my process yet, it's about Wilson walking. Please tell me what you think about it.
  10. That sounds interesting! You definitely should make more! MOAR!
  11. In Germany its around 10 am right now...
  12. Haha ;D well got any answers or so from the admins?
  13. So I recently tried to access the Klei forums with my special phone app stuff and... THIS FORUM DOESNT HAVE TAPATALK ACTIVATED!! Because I (and many others) am too lazy to always open my phone browser n stuff, I think you should definitely activate it.
  14. Thats my storyboard, analyze it, critizize it, or whatever you like.
  15. Welcome people! This thread is all about my animation I'm currently doing for Naipseht. Its about Wilson being hunted by some hounds, disturbing is peaceful day at the plains. I'm starting this because I'm not shure if I'm gonna make it in the time Naipseth gave me, or if I have the endurance for it. However, I'm going to submit my process here for other people who maybe want to take my 2D models (BUT GIVE ME CREDIT, PLEASE) or give me tips in Flash and maybe even their drawings (like backrounds e.g.). The music will be done by Naipseth, who asked for an animator doing the animation for them. It all will be uploaded on my channel. Thank you for reading, Germolin
  16. One hint: put a seed on the ground, stay next to it, always klick on yur feet and wait for birds to come. You will immeadetly attack them and they will drop one morsel and sometimes even a feather. Good luck! (but watch out for KRAMPUS!)
  17. Oh god... Well, I can live with some pressure. My Japanese-Food weekend gives me motivation for an entire week. Got some exams to learn for though, but I'm very sure I can do it. Hopefully.
  18. Once you have survived the fisrt 15 days with some intelligent building 'n' stuff it becomes easy as hell. The hounds are easy when you have a wooden armor and even a spear is enough to kill them. ***** please, the game could be more difficult.
  19. I'm sorry, this is exactly the same thing I thought about, you're right. My PC has a lack of good light, that's why many things actually seem paler or lighter than they actually are. Now on my phone I see this.
  20. <- THIS should help you. Scroll a bit down the site and youll find what you search.
  21. Oh yes, Toaster just a question to a pro from a not-so-pro: when i dig the graveyard torf away, does the fog come with me?
  22. I can understand you very good. Read the Tutorials, BE A GOOD SCIENTIST (really, science is important in this game) because all the Xp and new items will be saved for your next worlds.
  23. Well how about Wyatt? I think it's a good name. It's from the West, a well known sherrif had it (Wyatt Earp) and it fits into all the other W's in DS. Wild is an adjective, not really a name (altough this is a game).