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Mod Help, Spawning Items

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Hey there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a  quirk.

Is there a possible way to spawn random items? Not with console just as a special move I guess.

I have a Pearl character and I wanted it to be a perk for her to pull random items from her gem.

Can anyone help me I can't code to save my life, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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Check out the catcoon prefab:


friendGiftPrefabs + PickRandomGift(which uses GetRandomItem) functions mainly.


Tie the same type of logic with a list of prefabs you want to use and SpawnPrefab it to create it.

You can then shove this into your inventory with <player>.components.inventory:GiveItem(<prefab>) or make it fling out with some math using <prefab>.Transform:SetPosition.


Reason for having a set list of potential items is that if you use some globally declared random prefab creator, then you might pull out another Wilson character and cause bad things to happen.

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