Bloated whale - bug or just me??

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Im having problems getting my whale to explode.  It gets to the point of being bloated, I equip my machete, hover the mouse over he whale and it gives the option to hack, I click and nothing!  So I tried hovering the machete over it (as you would to hack a coconut) again it gives the option to hack but nothing, no hacking commences, have tried right click, left click, alternative weapons -  nothing is working, this has happened in two games now, I've never been able to pop my bloated whale :(  - please tell my I'm doing something wrong!

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Just now, WishIHadAFridge said:

But when will the update be? I thought is was due to yesterday.

They didn't put a clear date on the last update because, since it was a bugfix and balancing update it'd probably take longer to release then the other updates SW had.

At least, that's why I think they didn't specify a clear date.

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