New Item Suggestions [Don't Starve : Shipwrecked]

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Hello Klei Entertainment's Team ! I have some item suggestions for Don't Starve SW and I'm creating this forum hoping you'll check this out and think about some of these suggestions.

If you are a Don't Starve player with great item ideas, be free to say it out loud in this forum ! 

So here I am, telling you an idea that I have in my mind from a long time, the "Hurry-Cane". 

The Hurry-Cane is just a regular Walking Cane made for Shipwrecked, it could be crafted by some Sealnado Drops, Nightmare Fuel, and Maybe Coffe.

It has a Speed value higher than an classic Walking Cane  and might be perishable like the Ham Bat, or the Pretty Parasol if crafted with coffee. Or, it could be just a regular walking cane with a new disign and some kind of "wind shield" perk like what you did with the Booty Bag and it's dubloons drop perk.

It could also be used as a staff, if not used as a cane, giving you a huge, but not long speed boost (transforming the character into a little tornado and consuming his sanity).

So anyway, here are some suggestions about the Hurry-Cane, a new Don't Starve Item idea that I suggest to you.

I have also mob suggestions, like a "SeaHorse", a chimera mixed up with regular seahorse and a real horse.

And finally, I'd relly like that you link RoG and SW items to make some cool combinations, like using the Luxury Fan on your boat to make you go straight forward really quickly, hope you get the idea and be creative ;) 

Thanks for reading this long post, I'd be really happy if I inspired you in some way :) 

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I love word games. Hurry-cane is cool. For the Sea-Horse I think maybe can call it a Horse-sea (horsie- like kids say), maybe that could be a monster that spends most of its time at sea but then comes up onto land for a breeding season or something? Just to really mess with you. 

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20 minutes ago, LadyD said:

spends most of its time at sea but then comes up onto land for a breeding season or something

Maybe is on sea during mild and flood season, is in land during hurracane season and is underwater during dry season, just like the seagulls.

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