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  1. When ONI comes out this Wednesday but i have no money to buy it....


    Image result for Sad pepe


  2. At least my chemistry class will do for something!
  3. KFGhost is just floating in circles leaving some drumsticks on the ground that taste like human.
  4. Gosths are actually completly useless now and you will not be able to do that...
  5. (There isn't peace... It will always be a fight...but he decided to end it like a coward that doesn't fight.)
  6. I was playing TF2 and i sprayed my @nome spray and then i went to kill some scouts. Then i came back to see this:




    1. GiddyGuy


      Nome has that irresistible charm, we get it.

  7. (Yeah because a goon can hide evidence that can lead to another goon...)
  8. ("I told you all to vote for revenge kill toast but NOOOOO He is not part of the mafia but WE LET YSUL TO KILL WADDLES WITHOUT THE VOTES!")
  9. "Mobstar is a genius! He found the perfect way to find Mafia members!"
  10. (Why not everyone starts to torture lipton after what she has done?)
  11. (Well, anyone that at least have a little bit of brain figured out that Lipton was the killer...)
  12. What currency is that? Brazilian Real?
  13. (Channel 34, the official channel about strings made out of string... and filmed with strings!)
  14. "It seems that Ysul has after death memory loss that causes him not to remember how killed him and will live all of his afterlife not knowing dragonmage killed him so all the guilt will come to dragonmage..." "That or that is a dance that he hates you for killing him..."