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I think each different character should have different strengths and weaknesses. Like maybe one character has a high health and damage but also runs out of hunger quicker. Or a character that gathers resources/moves faster but deals less damage and has less health. For challenges i was thinking something along the lines of "Shorter days" where the days are obviously shorter Or "Resource scarcity" where key resources needed for survival like grass and trees are extremely scarce. Or you could also have "Twilight" where it is constantly dusk after 5 minutes of playing. By the way i think completing challenges should yield some form of reward like possibly increased exp or knowledge points

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Was going to ask about any special attributes that each character or sex has over the other one. I know men have the beard factor and women have the "nothing" factor yet. Maybe girls can "persuade" monsters while men can..I don't know...something...sorry my imagination mileage just ran out.

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I said maybe.I couldnt remember if it was user suggestion or mod mention.Willow is a pyro head- maybe her power will relate?Wolfgang is a muscle bound ... - yeah maybe his power will link?Just theories.All hypothesis no data.

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