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  1. I think it should either be a tv or that demon guy you meet in the beginning
  2. Yea, inordered to get in you should need to find some amulet that is a rare drop from bunnies. And i would just make it without a roof
  3. I think each different character should have different strengths and weaknesses. Like maybe one character has a high health and damage but also runs out of hunger quicker. Or a character that gathers resources/moves faster but deals less damage and has less health. For challenges i was thinking something along the lines of "Shorter days" where the days are obviously shorter Or "Resource scarcity" where key resources needed for survival like grass and trees are extremely scarce. Or you could also have "Twilight" where it is constantly dusk after 5 minutes of playing. By the way i think completing challenges should yield some form of reward like possibly increased exp or knowledge points
  4. I would like women's hair to slowly grow as you survive kinda like how the males beard does. And maybe add a new item that cuts your hair and is used for a different magical effect. Or it could just have a high research value. And i think there should be bonuses you should get for a specific character for using that character often. Or just have specific attributes for characters as well as challenges.
  5. I would like a option to have pigmen be passive/aggressive/defensive or a option to tell it to go attack a specific mob. And make it easier to get manure because its nearly impossible in my opinion to get all the way to the pigman town.PS> i died trying to protect a pigman from a tentacle in the swamp area