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A new harsh world

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Mezukie    2831

After much debating I decided to try out and make a role play.( I'll admit I've never done one with other people but since I'm going way out of my comfort zone trying new things here I thought why not?) In the spoiler is the story I've written to give you a background for this but if you don't want to read it skip it to the what's new to see what's changed in the don't starve universe.


Maxwell sat slumped against the cage that was his throne. They stared at him eyes unmoving and seemingly emotionless. You’d think that if you weren’t Maxwell. He could tell they weren’t static but rather bored. The worlds where always the same with the same amount of threat. Survivors easily started to conquer this supposed harsh world. Many have gotten around the giants that where placed for this reason and more have even made something resembling a home. They were displeased. First it was fun to watch as each new toy came in and died from little mistakes but now they didn’t, there where no more threat from darkness as the new toys would almost know what to do as they woke up. Gathering sticks and twigs as if they knew that the dark was a looming force unwilling to let them live if they didn’t cling to the light.


Soon there was more than one in a world. At first it was just two. This became interesting again as they saw some fight each other more than help and as one would fall the other either didn’t care or realized after that they were the only two and now was alone. But soon it only become cooperating and the fighting died down. So they bumped up how many toys where there. Fighting continued again and some even made tribes that fought against each other. That also soon died down. No matter how many hounds, or how often the giants tried to destroy the camps… The survival rate was to high.


Some of them shifted as they continued to stare at Maxwell wondering what will he do? He couldn’t ignore them for long as his discomfort continued to grow. Maxwell shifted as best he could then slumped again. It was no use he knew, the restrains were to tight as they dug slightly into his wrists. Never enough to draw blood but to make his life more painful. The chair felt colder than usual, seeping into his skin like needle, pushing forward in order to hurt but never kill.


In this he decided to put more monsters into the world. Killer bees more often than hives, hound mounds spawn outside of there environment, tentacles sprouted up everywhere leaving little room for error, tree guards loomed over every tree cut waiting for their next victim, and days became shorter as full moons became frequent with werepigs roaming in the day at times. Spider became a common monster to see and swarmed in the night. This seemed to make them happy as the toys soon died a lot more and most had to struggle together to get anything done.


But as with everything else soon it was overcame. People teamed up more often now and bases became more abundant. Days went by without so much as a death. They got bored again and wasn’t long before discomfort greeted Maxwell like an old friend. He supposed it was an old friend by now, ever present and always there… Like Charlie was before all of this. He sighed at they began to shift slightly watching for his next move. Perhaps someone would come and play this vial game of chess and take out the king that looms behind the pieces that marched forward to declare death to these people.


Soon the worlds became more scarce. Fewer grass and twigs for torches as flint became a problem to make tools. There was just so little he didn’t think anyone would survive. But these human he plucked out of the real world and into hell weren’t fazed. In fact theres was only a little more deaths than before unlike what he though would be chaos. He felt the annoyance of them as the new toys went on with life as best they could. He looked up sighing, what more could he possible do? If he took everything away they wouldn’t last a day for night would consume them and if he planted more monsters they would only overcrowd the already cramped world into nothing but constant fighting. He chuckled at that, when wasn’t this place a constant fight?


He decided the old ways would continue to bore them so he added more to the world. Soon biomes with sharp rocked gutting out that would break through any shoe.The biome protected resources that were more abundant here than anywhere else and ensured that any who walk would slowly bleed out if they were there to long. Winter became more brutal as resources froze into ice that took days to chip away to get what was underneath. Monsters didn’t take your side wether they were pigmen or catcoons and would often attack at times without warning or cause. He made rivers flow with water to bring life, and also an untimely demise as it was filled with poisonous plants waiting to prick you if your skin got to close and inject a burning liquid that slowly drained your energy. 


He looked to how the world works. Day, dusk, night, repeat. Soon there was be a dawn that woke up survivors with fresh light in their face, if they were outside of course. He reworked how day was to, once it became noon the heat would go up in autumn sometimes it would act like summer and start to make fires. Hail was put in cold stormy weather, each being spiked and pelted not only survivors but buildings making them need repair. He focused on them as they move, always out of sight yet in sight. It was hard to explain but it was more of a sense they were there and slightly what they felt than actually seeing. They felt excited that these new things were implemented into this gruesome world, but for how long? Surely people would survive this in time and soon even set up permanent bases.


But, my dear new puppets, that is for you to decide is it not? Why don’t we see if you can survive this new harsh world and all of it wonders or be killed and left to rot. Be glad pal, your the first to get to experience this world and not a moment to soon.

What's changed:

-Pigmen/catcoons are more paranoid and sometimes attack you without cause.

-The monster spawns (ex:killer bee hive, hound mound, tentacles) don't have to be in their biome (much like when you set it to more).

-Treegaurds can be more abundant or not (a chance at luck and sometimes spawn naturally in the world).

-full moons can happen more often and aren't a set path. This means there can be random werepigs encounters.

-less resources, while this doesn't mean little there just isn't as much.

-Theres a dawn now to wake up all your bright bruised faces!

-Winter begins to freeze things taking longer to get items.

-There now rivers for water but plants float in them that when touched poison you and saps your energy away slowly (there is a cure of 2 flower petal + 2 butterfly wings + cactus fruit).

-Autumn has a small chance when in midday to catch things on fire like summer.

-hail can happen an pelt not only survivors but damage structures we make (they can be repairs easily with something from their recipe ex: science machine repaired with wood)

(Not to bad right?)


-no god mode (I think everyone says this at some point)

-one character each and you get 1 more life if you die( ex player come in >dies>revives in a random place>in morgue)

-when your character dies you can choice to revive or not and if yes will be place somewhere random with no memory prior if you want to put him/her in the morgue you can then make another character to give a new take on the story and be place in once accepted.

-if you want you can have a pet be with you but be warned pets only have on life so even if you revive they won't!

-Why yes you can be one of the original cast! But there can only be one of each character ( I will make a list and say who's who if someone wants to become one and also If you feel like if one wilson is in the morgue someone else can become a 'different' Wilson please say so if not I'll leave it to once their dead they stay dead)

- You must ask permission to kill or badly injure another character, sometimes people like to survive for a while (who would have guessed?) But I'm not opposed to small fights like so and so slapped player just don't get keep doing it without the persons permission!

(If you think there should be more rules then list them and I'll see if I can put them in)


In this spoiler is the character sheet that you can fill out










Anything else to add(optional):



None yet!

Now I always see role play thread die and this makes me sad so I though that if someone doesn't reply to x amount of time( I'm up for ideas on how long) that there character will become ghost like and in a transfixed state. This means they can't die but also cant be interacted with so if theres two people and one gets 'cursed' the other can react but realize theres nothing they can do and leave them to die horrible go on with the story.

Also if you want to end the story at a certain point for your character or just want to switch as you forgot/get bored with the one you have you can commit suicide(ex player committed suicide so you don't have to get detailed if you don't want to) so that way you can either stop or move onto the next character if you so choice. Of course you can instead have your character die to the environment if you so choice to.

And now I congratulate you on actually reading this -throws confetti- but also I want to say that even if your unsure on this whole role playing but have an interest why not start here? You can come in and leave when you want so theres no worry! Also I'm not strict on how long your comment are since I know some may feel pressured when theres a strict you have to do this. So come in and let's have some fun in this don't starve world!

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Mezukie    2831

And here is my character:

Name: Waker

Race: Human, male, age 20

Pet(optional): none

Appearance: He has short choppy brown hair as he insists to use his own knife to cut it and dark brown eyes. He wears a plain long black shirt with black gloves that hide the scars on his hands. His dark blue jeans are slightly loose and go down to his black and white sneakers. He's no particularly tan but not completely bleached white either.

Personality: He's very cruel to things he thinks are helpless like rabbits and butterflies. But if theres a real threat he runs more than fights as his courage will leave him and when back into a corner will try anything to escape. He can also mis judge a situation causing him to get hurt more than he originally thought.Even with this he's not completely bad but isn't to good with interacting with other people and can be a bit blunt about things not thinking of the others feelings. He also doesn't like physical contact with people he doesn't trust which is very few.

Background(optional): Waker hate's his name, when he was born his parent said he'd never be quiet and always woke them up which his name Waker came from. He had a little sister who was the only person he liked but even she couldn't understand why he was 'so mean' sometimes. He didn't have any friends and can be more considered a loner but this doesn't mean he doesn't want any friends.

Pros: comes with a pocket knife, a light sleeper and can wake up if there's noise, is only slightly faster.

Cons: being a light sleeper he doesn't get as much comfort from sleeping so it's not a good way to become sane, he doesn't always notice how hurt he is and can accidentally kill himself if someone doesn't point it out, if he gets close to someone and they die it will screw him up badly and make him do things that would seem insane (ex:decide to rush deerclop with a pocket knife).

Anything else to add(optional): Nope!

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