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Water to land?

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It isn't. This is closer inland than that. Maybe my build isn't exactly the same. I do know that there was a space with a rock near the edge. When I broke the rock in the past flint would land on the water and I couldn't reach it. Haven't broken that rock this time around but I think the land is growing so I will be able to reach it.

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Well at leats its not an island combination hole. Weird I must say, had a few myself but never thought about the fact that they were far away from island borders.Maybe its just a built in feture for map creation, to make lakes. or a bug :PVery interesting if it is as you say, that it seem to grow together.

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The island never grow, they stay the same size as when they where generated. What I'm saying is that what your seeing is mostlikely just the terrain generation overlapping. I think I misread your question so sorry about that.

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