Suggestion for a Temporary Back-Up system, and Multisave system

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I understand because the game is still in development it is prone to bugs, and since the last update I've lost my save multiple time since I updated. At first I thought it was a fluke but I've lost my save 7 times since yesterday.

I'd like the developers to make some kind of outside program that will back up, and save our files with out us having to go digging through folders. It would not effect the game what so ever as it would be separate program from it, it would just know what files to go to, to create a back up and put them in separate folders named by the player.

Once the game is released and they're able to provide multiple saves and back-ups the program wont be needed anymore.

Note: This wont change game play at all, it would just be helpful to people who want multiple worlds and to be able to back up their saves so we stop losing our work.

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From what I gathered steam cloud has it's own saving API so to speak, which don't starve uses. This is what's messing up and causing stuff to get deleted. The new way is just the standard way of saving to a folder then calling it back when you load a saved game.

Or something like that.

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The new research style is dumb. It makes no sense to relearn everything you ever learned and forces you to go through the same steps in every game. That is what I call grind.

Plus feeding the science machine was actually meaningful in the roleplaying aspect.

I understand the concept of prototype and wanting to kill grind, but why not just lower reasearch point threshold?

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