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Who hasn't updated yet?

Have you updated?  

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  1. 1. Have you updated?

    • Yes, I want the latest and greatest.
    • No, I want things stable first.

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I'm still on the version before the spider queen update. I haven't found the need to update yet because I'm nearly 400 days in and still a lot of tier 3 spider dens that I don't want to get overwhelmed with, and the turf update just isn't interesting enough. I think I'm going to wait until the next update.

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It's your decision to stay and that is fine but the point of a beta is for the community to give feedback about the progression of the game and find the good and the bad of each update so when the next comes it will be even better because all (not really all) of the problems will be fixed. Everyone should be putting their best effort into helping make this game as good as it can be with such great and interactive Devs, most don't care about anything other than the money and push out horrible, buggy, and incomplete games.

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