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  1. I voted no in the survey thinking the OP wanted to get rid of "Sanity" not realizing they were talking about just the meter. I like the suggestion of having an easy and hard level that the player can choose that would leave or remove the meters (all but health). That's a really good idea for those wanting more of a challenge but not being restricted by the developers completely removing their function. Maybe a modder could do something to remove them?
  2. I like the new research method, the old one just seemed like a grind or busy work having to collect things to make your number go higher the new way you are actually researching items with the materials it takes to use the items. As for those that don't like the fact that when you die you have to start over "researching", that's the way it should be, when you die it should feel like a clean run, like you're starting over because you are, just seems common sense to me.
  3. I came across these little carrot and grass farms the pigs must have made. Thought it was interesting..
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to backup the save files with the new multiple save format. I know before all you had to do was make a copy of the "219740" folder but im a little confused now as it gets an error when trying to upload an old backup into the new save method.
  5. Woodie.;-; ...not sure why i just wrote that but everyone else was, lol.
  6. I know im part of the minority, but i like the new sound. It seems to be shorter and the older sound would seem to get stuck halfway through the animation and not the character not really eat.
  7. Brilliant, i love the theatrics within your story...its like im one of the men in battle err... pig.
  8. YES, thank you, the visual makes it alot easier to understand.
  9. I dont mean to get off topic, but can someone explain what a "tech tree" is? Ive seen that verbage used multiple times but i dont know what it is referring too. Thanks
  10. Seems like alot of people perfer the old mapping system, have those people not used the new one yet, or did and dont like it? I understand it is missing things like pig kings and is limited on others but i really like the new mapping system. The missing/limited items make it a little more interesting having to work around them.
  11. I noticed some of the recipes on that site aren't able to be made for instance ones containing grass. Correct me if i am wrong, but i wasn't able to put grass in the crock pot.
  12. Mine updates automatically, do you have a setting turned off to stay with the older versions?
  13. I saw this idea brought up in this thread, I'm new to these forums and thought it was a good idea to share. What about equipping the pocket watch that is currently dropped from digging graves into the middle (armor/backpack/amulet) slot and that will slow down in game time periodically. Instead of the day ticking away at 1 interval while the pocket watch is equipped the day ticks away at (.5) half the speed for the duration of the pocket watch. I envision the pocket watch having a percentage durability similar to the torch, so it cant be over used but rather be used in those dire times that your almost back to camp and need just a few more seconds to get a fire going...etc. I've found myself in a few predicaments that a few extra seconds would have been life saving. I also think it could be craft-able, its recipe found in the "magic" category (as it slows time/extends a day) and it would be made of something like gold x4 (because of its rarity), gnome x1 (because their magical), beefalo wool x2 (because of their slow movements). That is probably a horrible combination lol, but i tried. So let me hear what you guys think about the idea or what items you would use to craft it. I don't even know if something like this is feasible, but its just an idea.
  14. I supplement flowers inbetween my "meals", it only gives, i think, 1 point of health each flower but they are plentiful.
  15. I havent read all the comments, but its funny that you're the first one to actually have starved to death in a game called Don't Starve, where everyone else dies from "monsters". Sorry that you died, but it made me chuckle.