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Next update about?


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Yo people what is the next update about?(the one in more 6 days)

You, my friend, need to look at the posts more. :p We've been trying to find what they revealed to us in code for the past couple days. Here's a link to the post that basically summarizes what we came up with as far as the solution. Link. Be sure to listen to the whole audio clip that was posted...

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Ohh man I thought its about the beefaloes which make them spawn :(

No I think I had answered your question on another post but they haven't revealed when that'll be implemented yet. Since it's tied in to a "mating season" I can imagine it'd have something to do with winter (probably when winter's done in game would be the equivalent to "spring" so the beefalo mate and spawn baby beefalo). But since they've already stated winter's going to be the biggest update to the game so it's going to need to be released closer to early march (only because it's still a WIP). I don't know if that means they're saving baby beefalo until then or if they plan on implementing the mechanic in first and then working it around winter when they add winter in. I wish I had an answer for you because then I would know for myself. :p

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