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  1. i remember that lol. i would like to see it again in the game
  2. try a new world and see how its working
  3. i like everything in the patch!!! so awesomeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. yea once you kill one spider queen they wont spawn for some time i am not sure for how long tho
  5. Lightning, yeah wuhu -_-

    what you do with them?
  6. what game mod you playing adventure or sandbox?and what u prefer
  7. first get to day 200+ and then talk chhhhhhhhhhhhhes
  8. where is my world file so i can save it in my desktope and make new world
  9. Next update about?

    Ohh man I thought its about the beefaloes which make them spawn
  10. Yo people what is the next update about?(the one in more 6 days)
  11. When is this update gonna be?
  12. are they respawn?because i am planning on killing lots of them
  13. hey i killed all my beefalos and i have no beefalos left at all i didnt knew they wont spawn because in the wiki it said that beefallos spawn every 30 days and now its says they dont spawn at all!
  14. Patch Notes?

    yo will the update contain some bug fixes?
  15. what bug are you talking about?
  16. Update?

    not yet. .
  17. Birdcage

    i didnt thought about that :C maybe just wait for the next update and see if its updated.its more 1 day and few hours
  18. Birdcage

    try to reisntall the game hope its works
  19. what meat effigy does

    ohh so that make the game very easy or its have some drawbacks?
  20. if i am playing with wilson and then dying so i will respawn in the same day i died?
  21. well i dont have any beefallo's left in my camp :C
  22. Your epic battles?

    i dont have epic fighting but i am struggling with like 10 hounds evey 10 days :C
  23. Challenge

    get to day 200 and then talk
  24. pig skin

    do the pigs respawn?or they like the beefalos that never spawn again?