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  1. i remember that lol. i would like to see it again in the game
  2. what game mod you playing adventure or sandbox?and what u prefer
  3. where is my world file so i can save it in my desktope and make new world
  4. Ohh man I thought its about the beefaloes which make them spawn
  5. Yo people what is the next update about?(the one in more 6 days)
  6. are they respawn?because i am planning on killing lots of them
  7. hey i killed all my beefalos and i have no beefalos left at all i didnt knew they wont spawn because in the wiki it said that beefallos spawn every 30 days and now its says they dont spawn at all!
  8. yo will the update contain some bug fixes?
  9. i didnt thought about that :C maybe just wait for the next update and see if its updated.its more 1 day and few hours
  10. try to reisntall the game hope its works