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Game Crashes While Scrolling Down Mod Page

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Hi.  I'm fairly new to Don't Starve and ROG and I well downloaded mods for it and about a couple of months later(Today) I was in adventure mode and I died and when I restarted I noticed there was no warning screen about the mods so I checked them and guess what, the damn thing crashed at the fourth page. So I'll put a list of mods I have for someone to help me and please tell me if this is appropriate to put on the mods and tools topics.  BTW this from my mods folder.


Gordon Freeman

Alyx and Doge

The Screecher




Gabe Newel

True Gaben

Wilsun's Cabin

Da Scythe



Industrial Revolution 2.0

Gem Rocks 


Additional Equipment and Sturctures

and 999 item stacks 





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  • Developer

Hey @McEggerDrumstick, welcome to the forums! This actually belongs to the Don't Starve Bug Tracker sub-forums right: Here!

It might involve mods, but even so, if it's a crash in the game it should be reported there :)

So, did turning on/off small textures solve the problem? That's actually pretty weird, since I don't see how that setting would help in this matter...

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