Sharkittens being threatened should bypass tigersharker cooldown

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So sharkittens are ridiculously easy to kill. I just spent one day on the sharkitten island and 6 sharkittens spawned. Two of them got away, but the others gave me 4 shark gills. For some reason the dumbrella only requires one shark gill, but considering how easy they are to farm, it should definitely take more.

As I understand it, moving near the sharkitten den causes the tiger shark to spawn (by calling tigersharker:SpawnShark()), but because it doesn't call tigersharker:SpawnShark(true), it respects the cooldown on tigersharker. So if the tiger shark has appeared recently in your world (in mine it just did a run-by and disappeared without letting me fight), it won't show up to protect the sharkittens. Maybe if the cooldown was only respected if you'd actually killed the tiger shark recently, that would be reasonable? Otherwise, the poor sharkittens warrant a stronger defense.

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