! Recruiting coders- Mr.Willoughby the Bumpkin Farmer !


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Hi there. Dexter here, I really love making fancharacters for Don't Starve. However, Willoughby is the first one I've made in which I felt ready to try and learn modding.


Having said that, I'm not too good at modding yet. This is my first time modding. Ever. I've literally never done this before.


But I have a lot of plans for Mr.Wallace Willoughby. I have lots of ideas and things I want to put into my portfolio that I cannot do alone.


While my friend Half-Rose is significantly helping me with this mod, we aren't enough to accomplish everything we want to do with this mod. That's where you come in.


Right here is the steam page for the mod if you haven't seen him yet. Willoughby has been up for nearly a month and I've only been able to make one update so far because of my schedule.


Mod completion is nowhere near done, we've hardly scratched the surface and I'm already getting questions of adding him to singleplayer Don't Starve. Right now I'm holding back because I would use Don't Starve to tell the lore, and Don't Starve Together to mostly focus on gameplay.


I created a GitHub literally 5 minutes before starting this topic so please be patient with me on this as well. I plan to keep the mod folder updated on this with the help of a local buddy. 





Half-Rose and I are both artists, and she has a bit more knowledge in lua than I do. I can hardly write a line of code, let alone an entire, let's say, component. Right now the only way I can describe my role in this mod is being like the Jeff Agala of the duo. I draw the sprites, make the builds, write the lore and make posters and whatnot if need be. However, Jeff is infinitely more experienced in cartooning than I am so perhaps that's not the best analogy.


I'm looking for people who understand lua enough to help us create farms and a werebeaver event. We think we might be able to get the werebeaver working with little issues in the way. We're also planning to add a couple custom crockpot recipes. 


On wikia, I'll add the lore that's been roughed out so far. Any help is greatly appreciated. (Pardon my disjointed writing, I have a tendency to not sleep, or sleep for very little periods of time. I have dark eye circles that put Wilson to shame.)


All I ask is that you have a form of communication mutual with me, such as Telegram or Skype, and you have Steam so you can be listed as a contributor. I really do prefer Telegram, however. It's free and much faster than Skype.


Drop me a PM on here, I'll probably get back to you very shortly. 


Thank you very much,

Dexter W.

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