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I suck at lua coding, but would like moar worldgen mods

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I have the world generation basically memorized.  I can find beefalo, pig king, whatever I need to find very easily.  I'm now kinda bored with the basic world gen.


I think it would be cool to have the glommer's statue sometimes be in a strange shrine in a spider forest; spiders seem to like him well enough.  Or to have the pig king's village to be a western-style one in the desert for a change.  Maybe spiders decide to live in the deciduous forest instead of the pine forests.


"Oh, a large savanna with rabbit holes spread out?  Beefalo are here!"  No more!  Now beefalo may be found in some pen, tended to by merms, or warrior pigs as mounts!  Or, maybe they've decided to live in a forest clearing not surrounded by spiders.  Maybe they've decided to live in the lush grasslands for a change (although this may or may not be OP.  It would prevent you from building a base in those grasslands, but would be the best thing to have a couple of screens away).  Maybe Tallbirds roam the savannas to replace the beefalo.


Basically, change what resources are in what biome a little bit, and have it be random.  Sometimes the pig king will be in the desert, sometimes he'll be in his usual spot.  Sometimes the beefalo live in a large, mostly empty area of the grasslands like moleworm city.  Sometimes they're in a much smaller savanna than usual. 


Additional Setpieces does help, but it only adds setpieces; it doesn't really mess with the biomes, or their inhabitants.  I miss actually having to explore to know where things are, rather than knowing "oh, Beefalo are in that large savanna I glimpse on the other side of this river."  Having additional, crazy worldgen options in the base game would be nice, but I doubt it'll be added.

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