I like how...

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I like how during monsoon season puddle formation is tracked off-screen (seems to  be for the whole world even) and yet whales don't bloat if you're not nearby.


I like how raw tropical fish turns into rot and cooked tropical fish into spoiled fish.


I like how you lose control of your ship when you enter the edge fog and come out the other side drenched in water and on the verge of sinking.


I like how after trawling in the deep sea among the tsunami's I end up with seaweed and jellyfishes. (hurricane deep sea trawling should be more rewarding imo)


I like how packim vaporizes my bottom row items when he decides to get fit out of a sudden, just vomit them please. (looses all hunger too, what's up with that)


I like how useless is the spy glass.


I like how puddles form in my farms and under structures.


I like how the yarrctopus is flipping you off by being able to trade only once a day. (at least 2 times per day, he can spawn far way from any island on which you could do something and you just end up doing nothing and waiting).


I like how entities prevent structures from being placed near them.


I like how eyeshot deals only 20 damage.



Yes, I realize that it's still early access.


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Or do what I do: make a mod to test some changes that you feel would be for the better. Complaining about something and walking away is about the purest antithesis to being constructive. Remember, you paid to help them get the kinks worked out. Help them get the kinks worked out.


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