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I was playing today (spent my whole day at it) :p and I discovered a few things I dont know if they are bugs or not but I do know that I wish it was differentTent, I know you changed it so you can change your character but I also like knowing that if i get hurt I can go to it to heal myselfTentacles, This is what killed me more then once today and really frustrated me. They attack and damage through the log suite. This is suppose to be armor so it goes first then my health, they attack right to my health and dont do any damage to the armor and they take 2 hits to kill you. I think it would be better to make them take at least 3-4 hits to kill you so you have a chance to get out of there before you are killed.Ghost, Also damage through armor, and take 2 hits with no time to run awayThanks Keirra

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