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Red Amulet Problem

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In day 37ish I had the missfortune of dying killed by a pack of spiders but I had my amulet in my inventory at the time. I was still prompted to start all over. Shouldn't I have resurected or did I miss something. Spent some time on making it. Im sure I did something wrong and it's not the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Seems rather flawed. Sacrifice armour for instant resurraction while being highly volnerable to dying. Ok, granted, you can wear the football helmet, but what about if you want the backpack for extra storage space while traveling?

I think I'll just stick with my log suit.

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Not sacrifice armor. When you are about to die you switch to the amulet. Upon coming back to life, all (minus some food) of your stuff will be on the ground and the enemies will be asleep long enough for you to gather your items and leave.

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