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Hello guys, I'm back with more DST skin offers. For those wondering, I am currently acting as the middleman trading skins for my friends (aka they give me the items to trade with and I get them the skin)


To start off, here is what I'm looking for:

Willow's GoH: Conga Taunt75 TF2 Weapons/metal (seriously), 2 spiffy backpacks, and 10 DST skins (assorted)


Willow's Cocktail Dress: This offer has already been taken. Woot Woot


Steam trade link:


Other current offers (what my friends are offering):


Webber's GoH/Distinguished Attire: The Kazotsky Kick, a custom camouflaged killstreak medigun (worth more than a key),  10 DST skins, and 2 Undertale Trading cards



Wilson's GoH: A 30 dollar TF2 Item, Even if you do not play tf2 you can sell this for the money


Wilson's Tuxedo: This offer has already been taken.


*All deals are final unless agreed upon by both parties for a refund, and prices are negotiable (to an extent). Also, this post will be edited as more offers are added and information is updated

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Alright I was one of the people that he is a middle man and WHAT THE HECK. Defreinded me and blocked me now all my items are gone. Thanks. Ran off with about $200 of everyone's stuff.

He debefriended me, I don't know what is happening. But i'm not sure if was intentional.

sorry. i put befriended


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