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  1. This is what would make most people happy to be honest. That way people can switch to a character to do something with that character's specific ability and switch back to something they prefer, but not completely invalidating those who play that character all the way through. The way Winona is currently is that most of her utility relies on her buildings, which is what the thread is addressing about "swap picks" for. As some other users said, Winona really doesn't have much to offer outside of her buildings. The faster build speed and extra hit from Charlie is incredibly situational in comparison to something as simple as Wilson's beard or Willow's lighter.
  2. For games like these the "meta, power OP, effectivness" and the fun factor need to mesh together. Some people find the fun in doing well and playing the meta. I know the person who started the thread can speak from experience when I say it's not always fun when it feels like your favorite character is at a constant disadvantage or they're a throw away pick. It's something I've definitely experience in many different games. An example would be if they Lets say Stanley wanted to main Winona after the update and he's playing just for fun! However a few months later he finds out that everyone else can just swap to Winona, build, then swap back. Since a large chunk Winona's impact after the update is her buildings, that would kind of make Stanley feel invalidated because that character specific thing doesn't feel so special anymore.
  3. What do you mean by messing with placement to cause crockpots and fridges to SD? And I mean like that to only happen if she switches characters not if she leaves the game or not. I realize that creates a different problem of people joining on alts, building and leaving forever. However at that point the player is going out of their way to abuse the game. Currently the issue is that people can use Winona as a "swap" pick and the game alllows it to some extent, which renders actually playing Winona in the current meta during the late game kind of pointless. Flashbacks to the drills in Payday 2 "occasionally" breaking down
  4. I mean there are worse fates than being a switch character. Like being pre-buff Winona! Luckily this sounds like a problem with a few easy solutions. 1. When a Winona switches characters, it self destruct the buildings that she made. Similar to how it does in TF2 when a player switches off of Engineer (Completely unrelated game, but its the best example I could think of). This solution is honestly easy enough where someone could mod it in the game, but I doubt anyone would use a mod that nerfs something like this. 2. Add a cool down to switching characters so people can't not rapidly switch characters. This one explains itself really, this cool down could either be attached to the player or the portal itself. 3. Re-working the idol to multiply it's cost to use every time it's used The most over complicated yet effective solution so far. This would incentivize players to use character switches sparingly The good thing is that the idols usually are made in the later game, so early game its not too much of an issue. So it's a somewhat situational problem that I don't think would be likely to happen to Willow, but then again I think that discussions like this help the developers to digest community feedback and ideas.
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