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[Shipwrecked] Cave mechanics

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spiderdian    1333

I thought of these suggestions expecting The Caves are just an counterpart of the ones the base game one, but with the elements of the DLC.


Water instead of Pit - I wouldn't like to bring logic to don't starve, but in real world, water is present in caves, mainly under near lakes or oceans, so it would make more sense to have water instead of the default bottomless pit. 


Flooded Caves- Depending of the season, the level of the water may change. 

For example 

-In early Mild season(autumn), the caves are dry due to the fact a dry season happened right before, as the season goes on, the ground starts getting wet, similar to the flooding mechanic on surface.


-In later Mild season(autumn), The ruins become submerged and places where there was wet in the caves now becomes shallow waters, as a advice of the hurricane season


-In Hurricane season(winter), up to half the caves will be flooded, forcing players to use boats for further exploration(at the point of the happening, one may have boats for this)


-In Monsoon season(spring), it would be completely full, being possibly unavailable for players without diving equipment(if ever implemented)


-In Dry season(summer), both caves and ruins starts to dry off, enabling exploration of all the underground, even thought not recommended, since it may be hot as hell.


. See the image below





Lava- Since the theme of shipwrecked is tropical, nothing more tropical than volcanoes, don't you think?...huh?

Lava ponds/craters are present underground and emits light and heat(duh).


- In Dry season, they become hotter, lighter(?) and probably bigger, being an extra menace of the caves,also an extra reason to don't explore them mid-season.


-Once caves are flooded and mostly accessible via boat only, ponds/craters get characteristics of krissures underwater, being what cause waves in the caves, since there is no wind.



"All these mechanics will make ruins almost impossible to get in!"

True, but I doubt anyone would try to explore the caves or even the ruins in any season but Autumn in Reign of Giants, it's hard in the base summer already, so the difficulty is equivalent to RoG. Not excluding the probable diving mechanic


There may be at least one upcoming character, if not all, that may overcome water problems

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