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Hi, so I've being spending a quite amount of time in Shipwrecked (basically trying to survive repeatedly the last days of volcano season) and here are some structures I thought that could be useful for a player :-)


Harpoon boat: A boat you could attach a harpoon on it to drag the blue/white whale carcass to a determined place. I understand the new concept of making the player wait and sail again in all adversity to the place where he killed he mob, but at least for me, this simply made me several times look at the suspicious bubbles somewhere in the map and think "nah, too far from my base, would have to travel a lot to return here, it's just waste of time. I need to prepare for the next season". With the koalefant you could either kill him or lead him to your base quickly, but with the whale's pace, it requires time. One solution for this would make the drop more valuable, really worth the time to pick it, however I propose this boat where you could place a harpoon and drag the carcass to somewhere you want to. I didn't think a limit (for example, you couldn't drag it near the shore, but in the limit of the shallow waters), but just the possibility to move it, for me seems something interesting!


Pier:  Linking with the harpoon boat idea, for example, if you couldn't drag the carcass all the way to the shore, but maybe only in the border of the shallow water, a pier would be nice to facilitate your way to there (and for fishing!). A pier would be a structure you could only place on shallow water, and would require a lot of boards to make it. It would also have durability, being decreased over time due to the sea weather. As a sructure, could be attacked by sea hounds and other mobs, losing durability in this way too (but it would be reparable). I like this idea but I fear the use of piers to make bridges between islands and I don't know if this would mess too much the concept of Shipwrecked.


Lighthouse: Not a classic lighthouse. A classic lighthouse (the one in the shore) doesn't seem too much useful to me, but a structure like a lighthouse you could place in the sea (shallow or deep) as a light source when given fuel to it. Just like a fire pit, but in this case, at sea. The boat torch and boat lantern are both useful and does the job of "helping you pass through the night" while in sea. But I miss the possibility to make some checkpoints along the map where I could stop for the night. The fuel wouldn't be cheap, just like the lanterns, it would be fireflies or bioluminescence.




That's it. I don't know if with these ideas I'm trying to make the game too easy, and could be ideas for mods but not for the game itself, but anyway... I just wanted to share with you guys!

Sorry for bad english

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