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Why does my Don't Starve look like crap?

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I started playing Don't Starve a while ago and thought the rustic look was just part of the art style, but after recently starting to watch a few videos and looking at other screenshots I can see that my client just looks like crap. Here is what I am talking about





http://puu.sh/1J9FR - right after building fire

http://puu.sh/1J9GQ - after putting several logs on it






My menu looks fine its just everything else. I am playing through steam and I have already tried reinstalling

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Make sure your GPU isn't forcing any sort of graphical enhancements. I think driver-level anti-aliasing is known to cause that sort of issue.

If you have an AMD/ATI card, go into the Vision control center and make sure that Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering (found under Gaming>3D Application Settings) both have the box "Use application settings" ticked.

If you have an Nvidia card, check the post that Toaster Fu linked.

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Welcome to the forums! There is no real nice way to say this, so please do not post on old threads. (aka necrobumping)

It pushes other threads down and is very impolite to the other people in this forum.

EDIT: RIGHT after posting this, I realized that I was necrobumping also... oops


btw, try turning off small textures in the settings menu and restart your game

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