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In addition to the save points at dusk and dawn, witch are usefull incase the game crashes, maybe there should be a system where the game saves when you exit?

As it is now you can theoretically use the save point system to rescue yourself out of a bad situation, or reset your world if you make a mistake.

For example: While harvesting silk, you chop the nest one or two times to many and take a wrong turn around a tree, and then you are surrounded by spiders, unable to move and about to die as Soon as your log suit expires. Just exit, reenter, and you are back before you even attacked the nest.

Or after the next update, if you are chased by the new big monster and you dont want to die. (If it turns out he is deadly) Exit reenter, and be safe.

If you accedentally shave your large and epic beard because you keep your razor in the inventory for shaving beefalos. Exit, reenter, and the beard is back.

There are many more examples of when this feature/exploit can be used.

I think that a save on exit feature would add to the game since everything you do would be pemanent, and there are no take backs or change of mind.

Thoughts? Ideas? Did I miss something in the gameplay wich makes this impossible?

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Well, that seems a good idea for those feeling a bit "hardcore". There are those who would like to save anytime they wanted (by the press of a button) and have the ability to load it.I think all these features can be in the game, but I don't know if they SHOULD. Maybe the game only has those checkpoints because that is the way the developers want you to experience the game.Anyway, if they choose to put in different save types, I can only hope they make them optional.

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True true, everybody has their own preffered way of saving games. But I just think this would suit the survival theme a bit better.Just a suggestion. I trust the devs to continue making good descisions :)Although its a good idea to have several modes of saving, than you can choose how hardcore you want it to be.But also, free will isnt always a good thing in games.Endless discussion...

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I have to agree with The Captain on this one. I've used the exploit he points out several times, although always for scientific purposes, like learning how fast you loose health when starving or how much damage does a ghost do, and such. But I have also had to wait until a save point when having to leave because I didn't wanted to loose the progress, and it was kinda boring.Having autosaves at dawn and dusk is a good failsafe if the game crashes or whatnot, but the real saving should be when you pop up the menu, so you don't cheat death.

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