[Request] Update on file/font for translation mods.

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Are you guys at Klei going to update the strings.pot file soon? The current file on Shipwrecked seems to add just a few new text lines.


And also, what about to include the DST font files on DS? This would make things a lot easier for those like me who need to use accents on translations.

I found no thread saying anything about DST fonts being far more complete when I started to work on my translation mod, so I edited the whole Belisa Plumilla before I realized I could use DST font instead.


Thank you for your attention..

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I'm trying to complete Spanish translation too and I couldn't find new strings.pot neither.

It would be great to be able to start translating SW as it is developed.

I agree with you but i think... maybe Klei arent update the files because if you see the files still are characters and that files still dosnt have lines, so i think they are writting all and then they update the files for shipwrecked.

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2 months after removing my translation mod from Klei forums and Steam Workshop, I realized I could build an updated .pot file myself.

My apologies if the process was already posted somewhere, but otherwise, some documentation wouldn't hurt, since translations need to be made by fans rather than being an official feature.

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