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  1. I'm not much into the game anymore, but iirc the function simply fails to work while loading a .po file and give no traces at log. I remember it worked without loading a .po file tho. There is a lua script developed years ago by the user simplex which does the job with adjectives, only thing is the game crash if you hover the mouse over an wet stalagmite at caves while using the script.
  2. As you can see this is something that never got attention, four years have passed and I still can't get the function to work.
  3. What happened to Additional Dressware mod which inspired this API? Why did it suddenly disappeared from the web?
  4. Congratulations, this is awesome. I am really looking forward on it, but I am also excited about the framework/API stuff, and even more about the anim compiler. Whenever you decide to make it public, I really hope Klei aproves it, because, speaking about final results, the current official tools available don't seem to be that friendly. I wish you and all the crew good luck, and thanks for releasing one more jewel.
  5. Since you guys are into it, I assume it would mean no harm to ask a simple question. How could I get **.AnimState:function() to take effect on an equipped item, or any item in general? I tried ThePlayer.AnimState and the command took effect on my character, so I assume there is a way to do the same on an item. I looked at some scripts and it most likely says "inst.AnimState", but I can't figure out what "inst" means, since there is no "inst = something" like other stuff. Sorry for the messy aproach, I am just curious while I try to learn a bit here and there.
  6. Thank you guys. Content like this + reading through the game code + "Programming Lua" book+ patience is what help a clueless Lua user like me to achieve most of my ideas, even with the lack of decent internet connection on my end to execute real time research while trying to code. Thanks again.
  7. I've got it to work, it just need minor tweaks. I will attach the files, in case someone are willing to take a look at it. The only thing I need to figure out is all commented on "scripts/widgets/TMI_Invslot.lua" (Yes, I took TMI as base), it should be self explanatory. EDIT: I figured what "table.contains" does and got it to work as intended. My only request now is to be able to show the menu via opening a container instead of pressing a button. I will include a placeholder container in the attachment later. Thanks in advance. [DST]
  8. The main branch got the event changes only? I mean, the beta branch still have stuff which is not yet included on the main branch, or the whole beta content was ported over to the main branch along with Winter's Feast changes?
  9. Nice @ImDaMisterL! Well, it is still spring here, so, I guess I will take my chances and grow one of these as well...
  10. From where does this images come from?
  11. Thank you mate, I will check it out.
  12. Hello. I am trying to understand how to create a mod which does the following: Given the wonders I see/subscribe on Steam Workshop, it seems to be a simple job. The thing is that, although I have done the art, I'm not skilled enough at Lua, so I would like to request some support on this task, if possible. I don't even need the code to be written if by any chance I find some other mod to use as basis, or a widget tutorial, etc... But at the moment, the only mod I found that seems to be the closest of what I want to do is Too Many Items DST. Unfortunatelly, I could not understand how to extract only the basics of what I need. Thanks in advance.
  13. This. I'm not into leaking stuff, but I woke up with the same idea in mind. What was my surprise when reading your message.
  14. Impressive work. Thank you very much.