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  1. The main branch got the event changes only? I mean, the beta branch still have stuff which is not yet included on the main branch, or the whole beta content was ported over to the main branch along with Winter's Feast changes?
  2. Nice @ImDaMisterL! Well, it is still spring here, so, I guess I will take my chances and grow one of these as well...
  3. From where does this images come from?
  4. This. I'm not into leaking stuff, but I woke up with the same idea in mind. What was my surprise when reading your message.
  5. [DST] Better Console

    Impressive work. Thank you very much.
  6. There will be something to redeem with the SW key? Do I need to rush when it is ready or will it be always available to redeem? You know, I already lost stuff by not staying tunned, so...
  7. Dude... It is just... ...Amazing! Thank you so much @TheTraditionalGentleman for such feedback, and again, @Arlesienne for the feedback and also this invaluable mention. I just can't thank both of you enough.
  8. Geez, I knew I could expect such a clear and well detailed review of yours @Arlesienne . Mind if I ask you to provide us your 2¢ (given the quality of your posts, I would say $2.000 ) about Woodie as well? Thank you mate!
  9. Hello. As the ANR content is coming at its fully state to the main branch, I've been working on my translation mod in order to bring it out of the beta stage. I revised most of the strings, to make sure it preserves the context intended by the devs. One thing that is really pushing the project backwards is Wolfgang's and Woodie's concept, although the latter not that much. So, nothing better than listening to the fanbase to get things up and running. I count on you people to give as much feedback as you can on this one. Let's go. So, from a native english point of view, what is the deal with Wolfgang's speaking? Is he a foreign guy? Before I started my project, people here used to paint him as being German. This was what another mod author decided to do with his mod, thus people got used to it. But in my opinion, I think he is more of a French person. Sovietic perhaps? Honestly, these are just guesses, but I don't think he is German. Or, is he the "Muscles>Brain" type of man? I mean, of course he is, but with his speaking skills in mind I ask you: Maybe he just don't know how to speak? Now, on Woodie. I can clearly notice he is Canadian, or at least he came from the North. What is not very clear to me is: Is him sort of a hillbilly? How notable is his speaking manners compared to, lets say, american people? I think these were my main doubts in regards what direction to follow in order to finish my project. I want to be as accurate as possible to provide subscribers with the closest from the original dialogs/lore. I just don't feel like adapting the context on my native language is the only way to go, I feel I can deliver it without messing with the devs main idea. I count on you on this one, don't be afraid to express yourself. This is indeed very important for me. Thanks in advance!
  10. Can someone confirm if is possible to join an offline cluster while Steam is on offline mode? I can't see the server in the list, but I can see "unconnected ping my.ip.number|somenumber(port or pid maybe?)" in the server's console window. Just to clarify, I have no internet connection, so I'm running a dedi with "-offline cluster" parameter, but I'm unable to see/join the server. Not sure why DST Lan wouldn't work with Steam Offline Mode, but anyways, I can't think of anything else. Thanks in advance.
  11. Do I still need internet connection when hosting a local server? I'm aware of lan_only_cluster and offline_cluster to restrict players access and visibility to LAN only, but can I start/join my server, lets say, without internet connection and Steam set to offline mode?
  12. This, my bad. I forgot to check it after updating the server files. Thank you.
  13. Just wanted to give DST a try after some time, but for some reason I can't get mods to download/update. First time I've launched my local server I've got a client message about "server has outdated mods". I deleted all mods, thinking it would just re-download them all, but nope. I always get "DownloadMods(0)". I didn't noticed any word here about changes regarding modoverrides, am I missing something?
  14. To reproduce that issue, I would need to load both overworlds with default settings, but I ended up choosing on Huge Map<=>Caves<=>Caves2<=>Default Map, and overrides are correct on log. I cannot say for sure since map revealing is unavailable by now, and I didn't took time to roam around, but it seems like everything is ok. It is unlikely that the maps will clone now, since their sizes are being overridden different from each other, but if I notice something weird I will edit this post. Also I'm amazed with the possibilities I've seen in this thread, like mixing caves+forest, pits instead of the ocean, etc... Just messing around until I find something that suits my plans for the server. @Ipsquiggle, I would like to thank you for your support.
  15. Whenever I start a server with the following shard configuration: Overworld(Master)<=>Caves(Shard2)<=>Caves2(Shard3)<=>Overworld2(Shard4) Overworld2(Shard4) map is always the same as the Overworld(Master). I tried to add a worldoverride.lua with "preset = SURVIVAL_TOGETHER" in Overworld2 directory, but it had no effect. How can I give this shard a whole new map, different from the Master?