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Game gets slow

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  • Developer

That is a surprising result - your "lua update" time is a lot higher than I would have expected. Can you send me your save file? Here are the steps:

Hang out in the slow area and wait for the game to save

Quit, and then go to filesystem:http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/persistent/

Save the "latest" file that you see there (it will look like random characters inside)

email it to dontstarve.debug@kleientertainment.com


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  • Developer

Thanks! From an initial analysis, it looks like it's not even grave related. As in, if I remove all of the graves or all of the fog, it's still slow. Weird!I'll do some digging tomorrow and figure out what's up. You guys are great at coming up with edge cases.

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Now I get this error when entering my world:

Error: : data\scripts\brains\tallbirdbrain.lua:83: variable 'FaceEntity' is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'error' data\scripts\strict.lua(23,1) data\scripts\brains\tallbirdbrain.lua(83,1) in function 'OnStart' data\scripts\brain.lua(173,1) in function 'Start' data\scripts\entityscript.lua(337,1) in function 'SetBrain' data\scripts\prefabs\tallbird.lua(98,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\main.lua(143,1) =[C] in function 'SpawnPrefab' data\scripts\main.lua(162,1) in function 'SpawnPrefab' data\scripts\gamelogic.lua(196,1) in function 'PopulateWorld' data\scripts\gamelogic.lua(303,1) in function 'DoInitGame' data\scripts\screens\mainscreen.lua(79,1) in function 'cb' data\scripts\frontend.lua(56,1) in function 'Update' data\scripts\update.lua(41,1)

If I pres reset, i go back to main menu, if I press X, I go into the game.I also tried the space time continuum thingy. Opening two games at once. Both are really laggy, but when I die in one of the worlds and restart on the same map. The restarted world is lag-less and the "main"-world is still laggy.My theory is that it has something to do with me busting four bee hives to get honey, but not killing any of the bees. Wich means I have a HUGE swarm of bees roaming around my world. I got lag-deluxe when I ran into them while looking for berrys.
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