Why 2 servers for one game?! Think ahead Klei Team!

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Have you guys ever though about the problems and the time consuming you are creating by adding Caves into the DST? I mean, seriously, it took more than 2 months and the end result isn't satisfactory because in the end, you have to open 2 different servers, one being a "slave" from the other, consuming more memory, more CPU power...etc.


My suggestion here is way simpler and easier than all the problems you are going through. Just look at the mods people developed and you can find an EASY solution.


Combining the idea of an mod where you can have "private islands" and another mod where you have cave biomes, have you ever though about creating a haunted island where it can be access only by a wormhole or a ship somewhere in the edge of the map.


This way, you will have only one server running, your main island (The world itself) and a different island with a different biome (not necessarily cave biome), and in the end, this would make your life easier, players would be happier and bugs wouldn't happen as frequent as now.

I do know that, right now this is a late suggestion since you already added caves and stuff, but it's actually a suggestion for you to look ahead and not really follow the protocol trying to add everything from Don't Starve Single player into your new game (That's how you should treat DST, as a new game)


Anyways, as I saw in the streaming and thinking about everything, you guys are learning as you go (Which is totally understandable) and we, the community, are here to help to develop a better game that we love already. ;)

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Hi @DeathCrow, first of all welcome to the forums. As another member of the community, I'd like to say that I personally prefer the way they did the caves the way they did, as a separate server. Eventually I think this whole idea of master-slave shards is paving the way for multiple servers(with unique mods, game modes, presets, etc.) hosted and owned by multiple players to ultimately create a Universe of DST Worlds intertwined with each other.


With your suggestion as an "EASY solution", I'm no game programmer but I think if the developers themselves decided to do it they way they did (master-slave servers) then that probably means that master-slave system is much easier to manage, implement and more importantly maintain compared to having all caves, ruins and overworld on the same plane. 



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They'd have to completely redo the entire system for a LOT of stuff if they were to put the caves on the same plain as the "surface" level.

to name a few:

world generation is too iffy and you can never trust it to keep the caves far enough away from the original world


as said before the lag would be AWFUL


the way the day/night cycle works would have to be COMPLETELY changed because while in caves it's constant night with lighting prefabs changing as the day cycle goes on meanwhile back on the "surface" you've got the entire world's lighting changing based on what time of day it is. making that change based on position would just be an ugly mess of work....


not as much control over everything with it all on the same level


we wouldn't get that cool clock feature that you get in the caves c:


it'd look completely unprofessional if it was done that way because it seems like a really bad halfassed way to do it...


TBH, Klei made the right choice! They probably had thought all of this stuff through and the absolute best solution to it all was the master-slave servers! All they need to do now is get them to properly transmit data from 1 to the other (more than just chat strings) and get them to be in perfect sync and hot damn do they have a hot fudge sundae with their name on it! which I'll eat because it'll melt before I get anywhere near Canada....

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