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What should I do?

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I feel conflicted. I am faced with a decision and am not sure which path to choose. I would like to hear your opinions, what might you do?

I have a simply superb map. To the west is a massive area with so many beefalo that I could walk around for an entire day and end up with probably 5 or more full stacks of manure. To the north is a massive swamp with a spider den and huge rock quarry on the opposite side and a large graveyard a small ways west and south from there. There's even a Pig King near the rock quarry. The only thing missing is a beehive which I have yet to locate in the surrounding areas. I'm not yet able to gather sufficient supplies to mount a proper exploration of farther areas without fear of starvation.

Despite the near perfect surroundings, I despaire. Before this map I would make a new map every new game, not because the previous maps were bad, but because I enjoyed trying my luck on new maps, exploring the area anew and truly surviving as though from the very beginning. I've played this current map several times now and am beginning to long for a new map. But I know that if I am to make a new map, this current one will be gone and I may never get another like it.

I'm conflicted because I love this map and do not want to let it go, but at the same time I want a new map to explore from the beginning. Why must I be forced to choose to either remain on this map forever or sacrifice it in order to gain a new one. I wish we were able to save maps in times like these...

What do you guys think I should do? What would you do?

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He means, find the map file on your computer, copy it, and paste it into a new folder. That way, when you run the game, it will act like you have no map and generate a new one, but if you really want to play your existing map down the road, you can go and paste it back into place and see it again.

Not the simplest method, but there's no in-game way of doing this at the moment.

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