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Build it up buttercup

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The tent- you may go in here to change your character.The tent then vanishes!!The grass mat- Good bye nighttime blues. You can sleep through. No fuss, no fighting. Just sleep away the night.Beehat- GREAT it works for harvesting your honey. NO swarm is produced when you harvest.Spike- from tentacles. GREAT weapon. Lasts for a nice while. Is rather effective for hitting THINGS Pumpkin- Rather tasty. Made by planting seeds in the advanced plot. Give 20 points to your hunger so not that bad.Please post what you have discovered about our new toys!!!

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Please post what you have discovered about our new toys!!!

I've discovered NEW TOYS... literally. There are hundreds of toys buried in graves and such. Completely useless at the moment, except you can use them on the Science Machine or even better, give them to the Pig King in exchange for [REDACTED].Also, I've been testing out the tent, and if you start as Wilson, make an Effigy, then change to, say, Wendy, and die, you'll resurrect as Wendy, and damn those where a lot of commas I used.I'm not sure if this is a good thing or just a plain exploit. I haven't decided yet. I have to keep on killing my characters to find out.
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I think thats the way the effigy tent combo is supose to work. Once the characters get their unike skills you should be able to take advantage from all of them by changing characters in tent. But maybe it makes more sense to wake up as wilson after you die since it his beard hair that was used.Also, pumpkins can grow from seeds on any kind of farm. Its random if the seed become a pumpkin or carrot. :)

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