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Caves Beta - October 8th Update

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@Ipsquiggle, @PeterA,  

I was wondering if you guys were going to fix perma freezing mobs. If you don't know what that is you take an icestaff freeze the mob then burn something next to them when they are about to break out, and then they are perma frozen. The weird thing is that if you hit the mob when they are perma frozen they break out, except the dragonfly, he will remain frozen forever. The reason this is more relevant now is because you could perma freeze dragonfly and keep hitting him until he dies without him breaking out. Thus easily farming gems with very little effort.


Huh! Haven't come across this one. Would you mind posting this in the Bug Reports forum?


Every time I leave my server and join back the everything on the map is undiscovered again, anyone else having this issue?


Hm, haven't seen this. Everything else about your character is fine? Inventory and such?






Hey all, new version of the beta posted, please continue the conversation in the new thread:


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