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[Mod] Violence is Bad

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So I've decided to tweak around with some of the weapon files, especially with ranged weapons. Both stun guns and lethal guns are affected by this mod. And boy, does modifying some files regarding weapons break the balance of the game.


But straight to the mod.


Here are the main mod changes.

  • Guns now have, in general, +2 more shots. That means that the Plasma gun, which before had 1 shot, now has 3, and Handcannon has 5 shots now.
  • Both Monst3r's Neural DART and the Bio-DART Gun has have their cooldowns reduced to 4 and 3 respectively, with the Bio-DART having its knock out time increased to 3 turns.
  • The Flurry Gun has been remade entirely, being completely reloadable, no longer being unusable at the end of the turn, holding 5 shots, and now only costing 2 PWR to fire. Enjoy Nika moving down entire groups of guards with this gun.
  • Shalem's Rifle now has +1 more Armor Piercing.
  • Guns in general are more expensive, with the more stronger guns costing hundreds of more credits. You pay for what you get.
  • All Guards who previously wielded pistols now wield SMGs. And will shoot your agents multiple times more than usual if given the chance.
  • Enforcers and Elite Enforcers will now shoot their guns 15 times.

Update 9/5:

  • Modified Archived Decker's Refurbished Revolver. It can now be reloaded, but has a 1 turn cooldown between shots. Cooldown cannot be shortened via charge packs.
  • Changed Archived Shalem's Handcannon into a unique Handcannon, The Government Sidearm. The Sidearm has 7 shots to it and can be reloaded. However, the gun lacks armor piercing and can only be used by Shalem 11.


Also, the name of the mod comes from the 8/27 Klei stream of Invisible, Inc., where we learned how Violence is Bad. Enjoy the clean-up costs.


So Remember.


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Puritifyer    6

I had begun to work on a firearm overhaul purely because of the stream, glad I wasn't the only one to have the same thought.


Definitely going to give this a run at some point.

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