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  1. With many bundles and sales happening recently, I wanted to use the opportunity to invite everyone to our small Invisible Inc Community Discord server. We have been around for a while now and are happy to offer help, support and conversations all around Invisible Inc, be it modding, lore or even just standard gameplay, as well as a nice and friendly community to hang out with. Invite Link: Edit June 2021: New invite link added
  2. Cool, this update will now forever allow me to see that I am missing 1 single card that I will probably never find.
  3. Its growing, muhaha. 2 months and 2015 views in 2015. Is that enougth for @Klei to start working on offical modding tools?

  4. Like the name.

  5. Ok, from the modding point of view, we would like to work with you, the problem currently are the .kwad files and some encrypeted ones (needed to edit/change the portraits). But animation etc. isnt my part (just writing new game mechanics, agents etc.), so I might talk trash.
  6. Your edits are quite funny. It still seems some big edits change still seem the game make to crash. This could still be because other files where edited.
  7. Ok, it seems to works now, but I edit it now directly, might be the problem with the repacking, yes.
  8. Which tool to you use to edit the files? It actually might not work with Notepad++ since I and Cyberboy2000 had problems.
  9. That should be possible, but currently only with a language pack, which means only the starting sentences could be edited since, if you edit the strings.lua, the game crashes. But Im currently researching it, so dont worry, we might be able to Mod this file too.
  10. Ok, thanks. Havent worked any more on it since I was the complete weekend away(and 1 day after release). Maybe I should start working again, there are quite alot people doing packs, but options are never bad.
  11. Ok, can someone explain me what I have to do to get fonts that support ä,ö,ü and ß. Im kinda not get that fonds thing Edit: Also what do you mean with NT in the file Edit 2: Now Im at 2% this is going to take a while