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  1. I second this, I want it on the go, and generally having it on more platforms would be great. However, I wouldn't get my hopes up, as its development has stopped for quite a while now, and Klei far more focusing on their flagship Don't Starve and its Together version. So really, the most realistic chance is to hope that homebrew develops far enough on the switch (it is looking interesting right now on that aspect) and that at least one person wants to port it by themselves, and something like this takes quite a while (I think the 3ds would be capable of it software wise, as there are several games writen in lua, but you would still need to write a complete supporting backbone (I dont think anything with Moai has ever been ported for it) and change the UI, and I can tell you, Invisible Inc's UI code is the least researched thing about II). So really, I wouldn't get my hopes up at all.
  2. GoG Update

    GoG tends to be surprisingly slow with pushing the updates, so you probably have to wait a little longer.
  3. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Well, we don't really have forum mods that are active and klei and forums is pretty much the worst place for II (sorry) as the already small playerbase is mostly using steam or reddit (and discord to some extent) so we nevre, even after asking, got stuff pinned. Its sad as it is a quite cool place and works well for Dont Starve.
  4. [Mod]Generation Options+

    We actually have a modlist which already includes the steam workshop downloader: We also have a Discord server:
  5. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    I like it. Maybe you actually want to use the idea of making the Tier one kinds of guard wearing simple/clean uniforms while tier 2 wears mixed colors/mixed combinations to show that tier 2 are prototypes wich are stronger, as it gives the player a fast way of knowing how threadening an enemy is. Regarding new guards, let me think about some of my ideas, maybe something useful is there (I mostly designed neutral guards which can appear on every level, though). One idea is a kind of Swat team that has a drone (maybe unhackable?) and 2-3 guards which can spawn if you create an early alarm and wait to long to get out. The idea is that the drone is the scout and the swat scatters around the level. As soon as the drone detects an agent, it notifyes the erst of the team and since they come from different directions, it gets harder to avoid.
  6. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    I really love your rework of it, but Im not sure how it might play out in the early game if you meet them without being prepaired. Edit: Also new sound effects, yeah.
  7. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Will the random setting be rerold every mission or will it be decided at the start of ther campaign and never changed afterwards?
  8. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    I think that the Ghost unit totaly need "Draco Sunglasses (TM)", they just deserve this because they are pretty badass.
  9. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Yes, thats very true. It was both, I even found a picture showing it. Yes, I remember the discusion. I even remember someone bringing up unitghost.lua, which didnt have anything to do with it, just because it had ghost in its name Well, I found out that they aperantly are mentioned in my wiki logs mod in compination with K&O as there best elite guards, which in turn I had from the Invisible Inc wikia. Googleing also resulted in this post
  10. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Why yes, I remember seeing the Hunter in the game (or was it another of the unreleased OMNI guards) when playing in dev mode. Also ghosts have been a discussion if they could be easily implemented from the files that still had some code in them (and they had been a while in your mod, just never completly implemented). Thor was the only one I never really heard of, but I remeber reading his description ones.
  11. Its growing, muhaha. 2 months and 2015 views in 2015. Is that enougth for @Klei to start working on offical modding tools?

  12. Like the name.

  13. Added to the Modlist, under Gameplay
  14. Fan Art Thread

    Ok, from the modding point of view, we would like to work with you, the problem currently are the .kwad files and some encrypeted ones (needed to edit/change the portraits). But animation etc. isnt my part (just writing new game mechanics, agents etc.), so I might talk trash.
  15. Your edits are quite funny. It still seems some big edits change still seem the game make to crash. This could still be because other files where edited.