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  1. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Well, we don't really have forum mods that are active and klei and forums is pretty much the worst place for II (sorry) as the already small playerbase is mostly using steam or reddit (and discord to some extent) so we nevre, even after asking, got stuff pinned. Its sad as it is a quite cool place and works well for Dont Starve.
  2. [Mod]Generation Options+

    We actually have a modlist which already includes the steam workshop downloader: We also have a Discord server:
  3. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    I like it. Maybe you actually want to use the idea of making the Tier one kinds of guard wearing simple/clean uniforms while tier 2 wears mixed colors/mixed combinations to show that tier 2 are prototypes wich are stronger, as it gives the player a fast way of knowing how threadening an enemy is. Regarding new guards, let me think about some of my ideas, maybe something useful is there (I mostly designed neutral guards which can appear on every level, though). One idea is a kind of Swat team that has a drone (maybe unhackable?) and 2-3 guards which can spawn if you create an early alarm and wait to long to get out. The idea is that the drone is the scout and the swat scatters around the level. As soon as the drone detects an agent, it notifyes the erst of the team and since they come from different directions, it gets harder to avoid.
  4. Photon's Modding Adventures

    I tend to use the complete Klei package (game on expert+dlc) and put a difficult enhancing mod over it (the harder alarm in Programs Extended or Advanced Guard Protocols). Imo thats the most balanced decision you can make. But in reality I just mash all mods together, deactivate some of the things I hate and look how everything interacts.
  5. Photon's Modding Adventures

    You can also operate the whole menu via mouse. Anyway, in dev mode there are also some other very useful things like shortcuts. For example, you can select an agent, hover over any tile and press Ctrl and T which will teleport him/her there. you can also press Ctrl Enter to change between 3 viewing modes. The first one is your normal mode, the second one shows you everything one the map and allows you to select guard and agents (you can also teleport guards with this) and the third mode shows you the rooms where guards are in. There are several other shortcuts like an alarm tracker increaser and a force mission end one (and some I forgot to add).
  6. Photon's Modding Adventures

    Well, it might just be me, but I am still not quite convinced of the usefulness if it does not have any side effect or a long range. Making it to long it will destroy balance as it allows you to grasp way to much information (like the layout, or more extremly, seeing your mission objective by sensing a captain or a executive). If you make it to small and sound will always be a better source of intel. Also I don't an agent who is mainly useful in a certain difficulty is a good idea, but it might be just me hating the + difficulty for removing one of its core elements to make it artificialy more difficult and less fun. Thats cool. Yeah, the thread fastly became focused on gamedesign in general, huh. Actually, it might be a fun idea to create a simple mod on github were literaly everyone can make extra content by sending pull requests. Later down the road some members clean up the mess, balance a bit and make everything work together.
  7. Photon's Modding Adventures

    One thing regarding "sensing" guards is, that unless it's extremly over pwered, it will be nearly useless as we already have the sound guards make while walking, so the usefulness is only in a few situation really there.
  8. Photon's Modding Adventures

    Well, my 2 cents. First of all, I hadn't time to test her out, but from my experience with the game mechanics and how they make a player feel, AP is always in any kind of game the most boring ressorce you have since it is very static. Its the reason only 2 Agents have an AP bonus, Archieve Decker, which main point is his revolver and his augment is more of an interesting bonus, and Nika, were it is, again, an added bonus, not the main thing, to allow combos and make agressiv playstyles more interesting. So, what would be a good solution to this problem? I'd say to go the Archieve Decker way and giving her an augment that gives her an +1AP boost if she wasnt noticed the turn before (I really like SteelCrow's idea of making it absolutly anything guards can notice) and make this stack up to 2 times (so if you havent been noticed for 2 turns, you get 2 ap extra each round, but as soon as you are spotted it resets to zero, maybe even a penalty). With this out of the way, we need a main gameplay item for her. Thats were your fantasy comes in. Here are some ideas and tips which might be helpful: - Make it counter her augment. If you have the item create attention and therefore negating the boost you add a whole new level off excitement and strategic thinking - Decide what kind of Gimic she should play by. Is she a person who interacts with guards, cameras, drones or mainframe devices? Build your item around that. - Make her item unique to her. Many ditch Archieve Decker early on since he isnt quite as useful as other agents if you give his gun to a more killing focused agent. - If you want to make a Saboteur, what do you imagine under the title saboteur. Is it someone who blows everything up? Is it someone who silently cuts a cable and laughts as she sees every computer jmalfunction? Or is it someone who gives new patrol orders by forcing a guard to investigate an area? - Look at Shirsh's Agents, they tend to have a main focus and a little extra. - Make your Agent capable of being played in any coporation level, Blowing up Drones by hacking them might be awesome, but its nearly completly worthless in KO, Plastech and FTM. - Have a main core concept and work around that. Use the points mentioned above to build one, then just make a mod. Do not worry about balance at first, its far more important to see if he is any fun to play and stands out. If it isnt fun, then back to the drawing table, since a balanced agent who isnt fun is not something most persons are going to play. If it is fun but unbalanced, its not hard to change some Parameters and buff/nerf it this way.
  9. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    I really love your rework of it, but Im not sure how it might play out in the early game if you meet them without being prepaired. Edit: Also new sound effects, yeah.
  10. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Will the random setting be rerold every mission or will it be decided at the start of ther campaign and never changed afterwards?
  11. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    I think that the Ghost unit totaly need "Draco Sunglasses (TM)", they just deserve this because they are pretty badass.
  12. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Yes, thats very true. It was both, I even found a picture showing it. Yes, I remember the discusion. I even remember someone bringing up unitghost.lua, which didnt have anything to do with it, just because it had ghost in its name Well, I found out that they aperantly are mentioned in my wiki logs mod in compination with K&O as there best elite guards, which in turn I had from the Invisible Inc wikia. Googleing also resulted in this post
  13. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Why yes, I remember seeing the Hunter in the game (or was it another of the unreleased OMNI guards) when playing in dev mode. Also ghosts have been a discussion if they could be easily implemented from the files that still had some code in them (and they had been a while in your mod, just never completly implemented). Thor was the only one I never really heard of, but I remeber reading his description ones.
  14. Its growing, muhaha. 2 months and 2015 views in 2015. Is that enougth for @Klei to start working on offical modding tools?

  15. Like the name.