[General] - Dragonfly Sleeping sickness


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Dragonfly Sleeping sickness

Issue Description: Dragonfly does not wake up after being put to sleep


Steps to Reproduce: 1) Fight Dragonfly until it tries to spawn Lavae

2) Make her fall asleep with a pan flute or sleepy time stories just before she spits.

3) Wait for her to complete her animation.

4) (Try to) wake her up

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New dragonfly is really buggy i did not try by myself but somebody told me when you put ice flingomatic to that arena there is a chance that it may freeze dragonfly when it freezes dragonfly, put a log beside him and set on fire, dragonfly's ice will never thaw out and he will be frozen like that so its an easy kill (Somebody did this on my dedicated server while I was monitoring the game from console, I witnessed and other people approved that it happened). I dont wanna report this cuz i did not have time to verify by myself so far. If developers can look at this issue too it would be awesome.


And your game lagging really crazy even though you were by yourself and its just day 15.


There is fps drop in late game. Especially beeboxes causing a huge fps drop. Normally my fps is 60 (which is also max fps that is allowed for my pc). So when i am away from camp it is 60, but it drops to 45 when im close to 8 beeboxes that i built. My camp is a bit far away from beeboxes but there are a lot of structures there. At my camp, fps is around 55. I am currently in day 180 and I cannot host to an extra person. Normally i can be a good host up to 3 more people if its a new world. I have never seen this kind of fps drop and lag in solo dont starve (lag is a serious issue even for solo play in DST).

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