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  1. Tar extractor will produce tar regardless of tar slick. Tar extractor and most probably other sea structures can be placed on sea to create a non-destructable wall for mobs. Would be better to restrict their placement so it won't be too close to each other. By this way, they cannot be used for other purposes. Also, 1 tar completely refuels it which is pretty much an infinite self-sustaining machine :D.
  2. hey klei, what is this all gingerbread stuff for the event. I hope xmas never goes away :p. I felt so special this year :E. Please keep gingerbread cookie and gingerbread chest . Gingerbreadception Please change the name of the game as "don't gingerbread together" cheers. This is for you:
  3. if they keep klaus, it would be an exclusive drop to klaus after the event :D. It does not have to fill any hunger but it does have a value to me :D. i know its a personal request but maybe they listen who knows :p.
  4. hey klei are you gonna remove gingerbread cookie after the event? Please keep it :3
  5. Well there is actually no point to build a lot of pig houses via this method for meat farming only one is enough. if you need some armed forces you need buncha houses though. Like for example makin beefalo massacre in savannah in late game is what i do to get rid of them... Sometimes they stay in a really strategic place and i never lure hounds to beefalos just for the sake of getting chests of stacks of gold. Instead I wait for them to get incredibly overpopulated and make a pig army with 30-40 members each are given football helmet and start a savannah battle. It is incredibly enjoying and provides you too much meat (in late game like after day 500ish) I bring only one herd and put them into a large ass pen and let them repopulate in a confined area so i can be sure they cannot overtake a strategic spot by migrating. Also if you got 30-40 pig houses in late game, you don't need to get monster meat from spiders and I literally stop spider farming and start pig war to get lotta meat and hounds supply me enough monster meat too.
  6. Infinite pig farm was a problem in DST too which was inherited from DS. Unfortunately DS still got the same problem which is not intended (well thats what devs told me when I reported infinite pig spawn in DST as a bug.
  7. I got this problem today. I am told someone else had the same problem too. When you try to move around with WASD keys your char does not move despite keys configured to default many times. I can use WASD keys in chat window, ingame console or in the menu screen it works but it does not move my character. So the game is really broken for me at this stage.
  8. Bug 1) Hi, I was being reported for half a week to a week that, resources never vary and whatever the starting resources are, they do always stay same. To test the problem my worldgenoverride.lua settings were like this game does not fail to start the game with resource variants but it fails to switch while playing. You can see it in the log file,, there is hell a lot of switch attempts and fails for resource variation. Here is the log file of the game: log586.txt Bug 2) Note: I changed both worldgenoverride.lua file under Master shard and cave shard and stopped the server before doing so. Somehow cave server's worldgenoverride.lua file does not change game settings for cave server, but master shard's worldgenoverride.lua successfully edited overworld game settings upon whole world regeneration with "c_regenerateworld()" command. Only way to change cave shard's worldgen settings in new world creation is, stopping server, deleting save folder under cave shard, restarting game.
  9. Hey, we all know that c_listallplayers'' is sometimes necessary to keep track of the players to use the commands such as (c_goto(AllPlayers[Number]) where the only way to get the number is by writing the command above (c_listallplayers"") Problem is, this command won't work in ingame screen. It only works from remote console. Is there any way to fix this issue? Thanks.
  10. what language on your keyboard do you use? I know that not every keyboard's console button is "~". I am not sure what are other alternatives though.
  11. even in DS these guys spawn near you.. bearger is not a spring boss. he spawns in autumn. And all of them actually spawns near you even in DS. So a good strategy is to leave the base when you hear their voice (aka warning prior to their spawn). in DST, I guess the game mechanics is, if there are 10 people in a server 9 of them out of the base and 1 is in the base, deerclops or bearger spawns to that single guy who is at base. For DS, cuz its a single player game, these bosses spawn on you no matter where you are.
  12. So when you got spider hat equipped spiders automatically befriend with you. When you hit one of them he turns hostile towards you. These are not the problem but the problem is: When one of them turns hostile and hits you your friends do the war cry animation but they dont start attacking and instead stay passive and do the scared animation even though you get molested by the spider group who are hostile to you, after each attack you get, your friends again do the war cry animation but stay passive forever.