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Hotfix 144821 - 7/27/2015

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  • Slight tweak to the order of operations in Level:GetTasksForLevel with regard to LevelPreInit and LevelPreInitAny functions. They now occur before tasks are enqueued.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the muffled winter audio
  • Fixed rendering bug with Webber’s beard
  • Fixed bug where clients cannot reconnect to a server if they disconnected while the world was regenerating
  • Fixed Luxury Fan making you freezing cold. Now it's correct behaviour has been restored and it only cools you down.
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There are so many issues that I have with the game of where it is currently at, that ain't nobody got time to make a topic on each one of them in the Bugbsection, so I'll just list them all here;


* Summer sound is muffled

* Pengulls stop spawning at about after the second winter

* Gmoose egg, when hammered will continue to loop working music for the player who hammered it until the player who hammered it exits and enters the server again

* Gmoose egg, part of the time does not hatch before Summer and so it stays there until a new Gmoose comes in the next Spring there, but then another Gmoose egg will be spawned which will stay there the whole year, or if a Gmoose does not spawn in that area the next Spring, the egg will stay there all the time, meaning that if you hammer it in Winter, you could be fighting Mosslings at exactly that time of the year, which I'm sure is unintended

* It is possible for meteorite spawner areas not to get generated in a world

* Often, when the world gets older, meteorite showers become less common and come in smaller amounts of meteors

Annoying features, whivh were probably overspeculated:

* Seeds, when dropped by birds and are not taken by any mob or any player, will rot away and then there is rot everywhere in the world, giving easy fuel and fertiliser to the players. I'd suggest that either seeds should de-spawn if not picked by anything or anyone within a day from the ground (if also not stacked of course) or the seeds should turn into something like grass, saplings, bushes and carrots, replacing the re-spawn feature (which would actually make more sense)

* Meteor spawners often overlap in other biomes, cauing many things, such as bushes, grass, saplings and trees to be "dug-up" or chopped, giving players easy loot with barely any effort. Sometimes this even reaches to graveyard area (the foggy bit with graves, not talking about the whole mosaic biome).

* When trees populate naturally, they often grow on roads and paths, which is very inconvenient.

* Abigail aggroes on treeguards whilst they're passive

* Abigail, chester, glommer, pigs, smallbirds, teenbirds and other followers do not run at the speed of whom or what they're following, so the player will need to stand and wait a bit or keep the followers (chester and glommer) at base and not used because of them slowing down the player. This could be solved with the followers respawning closer to the follower, however for one that doesn't always happen in DST and two, if say you needed urgent help of chester's inventory or pig's fighting, then you would still need to wait till they catch up.

This is as much as I can think of off the top of my head atm. @JoeW please could you take a note of this and perhaps add to your list? Because these are issues which many players might not talk about, but in-game, these are issues to many. None ever uses chester anymore once they get a walking cane because chester slows them down!

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